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Another exciting collaboration has dropped, this time the popular K-pop band BTS has partnered with K-beauty conglomerate Amore Pacific to release a limited-edition version of Laneige’s best selling Lip Sleeping Mask inspired by BTS’ upcoming Permission to Dance on Stage tour.

laneige bts lip mask

We’re waiting impatiently for this new lip sleeping mask because not only is it a BTS collaboration but the formula is both seriously nourishing and deliciously yummy.

There’s a reason why Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask is a bestseller and also one of our favourite lip masks.

laneige bts lip mask 2

The water-based lip mask nourishes the lips with its hyaluronic acid mineral network to make the smooth and supple while gently removing old skin cells throughout the night with its Vitamin C-rich Berry Mix Complex.

Marketed in the band’s signature colour of purple, the BTS Laneige Lip Sleeping mask comes in a limited-edition Gummy Bear flavour.

laneige bts lip mask 1

The Gummy Bear flavour is not new, but is a favourite of ours because it tastes like delicious, sugary-sweet grapes that low-key remind us of fruit candy.

The BTS Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask will be available for pre-order starting 4 May 2022, 23:59 exclusively on Shopee its 5.5 Brands Festival! Limited stocks are available, so you may want to set a reminder here.