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An excursion that involves hitting the great outdoors always sounds like a good one – we get to take a break after cooping up in an air-conditioned room all week, and take in fresh air for a change. But since most of us are city-dwellers, it usually also involves quite a lot of packing, to make sure that we are ready for the elements that we may have to face when we’re outdoors.

Just like how we always have our “emergency kits” ready, having a trusty “outdoor kit” is just as important. And if you think that this sounds like a strain both on your physical strength and pockets, read on. Packing an outdoor kit can be a piece of cake, and most importantly, we are going to attempt to put together something for less than SGD30.

1. Anti-bacterial wipes

You’ll realise how useful a pack of anti-bacterial wipes is when you have to deal with dirty surfaces. But on top of keeping things sanitary, it also serves a great perk-me-up to keep your skin feeling fresh.

Pack this: Guardian Protect+Clean Antibacterial Wipes (SGD2 for two packs of 15 pieces). With a formulation that’s free from alcohol and parabens, these wipes are gentle even on sensitive skin. Besides being able to kill 99.9% of harmful germs, it is also enriched with vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract you’ll feel fresh and hydrated using it on your skin. Get it here.

Extra tip: A value pack of six packs is available at only SGD5.90 at Guardian! Buy it here.

2. Hand sanitiser

Your hands are dirtier than you would imagine: you use it to dust things off surfaces, swipe away beads of perspiration, and handle everything else in between. To make sure that you’re not picking up germs, carry along a hand sanitiser that you can use on the go.

Pack this: Guardian Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser (SGD2 for 50ml). This hydrating and non-sticky hand sanitiser from Guardian is super affordable, but most importantly packs a punch in the anti-bacterial department. It is formulated with a unique Tri-8 Protect formula that doesn’t just kill 99.9% of germs, but also hydrates skin and has antioxidant properties. We love the Sakura & Grapefruit scent, but you may also want to check out the Aloe Vera & Korean Mint, also available in 50ml. Get it here.

Extra tip: The product is also available at SGD4.90 for a 250ml bottle, which gives you better value for money if you’re going to use it frequently. Get it here.

3. Mosquito repellent

One of the most annoying things that make the outdoor experience intolerable? Mosquito bites. Not only do they leave you with itchy and red marks, mosquitoes can spread diseases that you definitely want to avoid. Luckily, it isn’t tough to defend yourself against them – just pack along a trustworthy repellent!

Pack this: Guardian BuzzAway Anti-Bug Patch (SGD6.90 for a pack of 24 pieces). Enhanced with Citrol Plus (which is a combination of Oil of Lemon and Eucalyptus (OLE) and Citronella), this formulation also contains PMD, a botanical active recommended by US CDC and proven to be more effective than Citronella in repelling mosquitoes and bugs! These patches fend off annoying bugs using only natural ingredients that are just as effective as DEET. The formula repels not only mosquitoes, but is a good deterrent against ticks and midges. Get it here.

Extra tip: Mosquito repelling sprays are also available at Guardian, at prices as low as SGD5.50 for 80ml.

4. Sunscreen

An outdoor kit is never complete without sunscreen. You may think that it’s good enough if you leave home with sunscreen applied – but sunscreens are meant to be re-applied! A sunscreen of SPF50, for instance, only protects you up to 50 times of your usual sun burn rate (which means that if it takes you 10 minutes to burn, it will extend the time to 50 minutes). Moreover, if you’re perspiring or playing in water, your sunscreen may be wiped or washed off.

Pack this: LipHop Aqua UV Fresh Essence Gel SPF50 PA+++ (SGD12.90). We like gel-textured sunscreens because they feel refreshing and are lightweight enough for on-the-go, frequent re-application.

This sunscreen LipHop has an essence-to-watery-splash texture to keeps skin feeling cool. It absorbs quickly and is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Nano-Activ Tech to help keep skin hydrated. On top of this, it also contains skin-loving ingredients to brighten and soothe skin. Get it here.

Extra tip: If you’re looking for something gentler that is suitable for children, consider the LipHop Kids Hypoallergenic Sun Protection Lotion SPF50 (SGD9.90).

5. Plasters

Mishaps happen sometimes, and you want to be prepared when they happen. Whether it is to protect an accidental cut, or to stop your feet from hurting from blisters, a pack of plasters does the job.

Pack this: Guardian Ultra-Thin Waterproof Strips (SGD1.90 for a pack of 10 pieces). This has a water-repellent surface to keep wounds protected, while remaining highly breathable. Get it here.

6. Tissue paper

Pack this: Guardian 2-Ply Ultra Soft Facial Tissue (SGD2.55 for 6 packets). Made from 100% virgin pulp, this is soft and strong – suitable for any emergencies (and non-emergencies!). Get it here.

7. Bottled water

Last but not least, make sure you drink up – heat injury is common in Singapore’s unforgiving weather, and keeping yourself hydrated helps cool down your body effectively.

Pack this: Guardian Drinking Water (SGD1). A bottle of clean, refreshing water packed in a sturdy bottle at just SGD1? Yes, please. Get it here.

How much did we spend?

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes (SGD1.55 for a pack of 10)
Guardian Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser (SGD2 for 50ml)
Guardian BuzzAway Anti-Bug Patch (SGD6.90 for a pack of 24 pieces)
LipHop Aqua UV Fresh Essence Gel SPF50 PA+++ (SGD12.90)
Guardian Ultra-Thin Waterproof Strips (SGD1.90 for a pack of 10 pieces)
Guardian 2-Ply Ultra Soft Facial Tissue (SGD2.55 for 6 packets)
Guardian Drinking Water (SGD1)

Total: SGD28.80 (Less than SGD30!)