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Candles are the epitome of cosy romance. The soft flickering of the flame and gentle blanketing of soothing fragrances is like a warm hug at the end of a bad day.

But if you, like us, keep your candles stacked up on the shelf and collecting dust in spite of knowing how wonderful they are, then perhaps it’s time you consider finally putting them to good use with a candle warmer.

What is a candle warmer?

A candle warmer is a device used to heat up and melt candle wax, which releases the candle’s fragrance similar to how lighting the wick would.

That’s right, gone are the days that you have to worry about setting your home on fire as you enjoy your candle’s scents. Instead, you can leave your candle to melt under the heat of the warmer and fully delight in the fragrances you love.

Candle warmers create a wonderful ambience too. Most of them give a soft, warm light that mimics the glow of candlelight, creating an atmosphere that’s still cosy enough for winding down in the evening. Plus, choose the right design and your candle warmer will easily spruce up your home.

If you’re ready to dust off your candles and start enjoying their fragrances once more, then keep reading because we’ve rounded up the best candle warmers for you!

Most unique candle warmers

Artistic sculpted candle warmer

candle warmer

Find a home for your candles in this artistically carved candle warmer that recalls Rome’s Pantheon.

The detailed interior boasts a spacious dome ceiling and elaborate cubical patterns. The curved outline and “window” carvings on the outside also add to the design, making the candle warmer look like a smaller (and simpler) version of the inspiring architecture.

When you turn the candle warmer on, yellow light from the halogen bulb will flood the dome and put a spotlight on your candle of choice. It’s a piece of statement decor that will certainly spruce up your living room.

This candle warmer retails for S$222.72 on Etsy.

Robot candle warmer

candle warmer

Look at this robot candle warmer and the first image that comes to mind is Pixar’s playful icon: the jumping lamp. The candle warmer’s bulb acts as the robot’s eye. When you turn the lamp on and point it at a candle, it even looks like it’s staring curiously at the melting wax.

This ultra-adorable candle warmer is designed with a sophisticated all-white finish too, so you can add it to any elegant home interior without it looking out of place.

This candle warmer retails for S$50 to S$60 on Shopee.

Lily of the valley candle warmer

candle warmer

You’ll add a lovely touch of spring to your home with this simple lily of the valley candle warmer. The lamp shade is shaped like the juicy bloom of a fresh flower, so it looks as if the white blossom is peeking gently over at the candle of your choice.

With a white and gold colour palette as well as a natural marble base, this candle warmer’s enchanting design is especially fitting for a home with a nordic interior.

This candle warmer retails for S$48.92 on Shopee.

Snow lily of the valley candle warmer

candle warmer

The lampshade’s detailed dimples and frosted finish makes the lily of the valley flower come to life in a fresh new way. Add a soft glow that peeks through the bloom when you turn the warmer on, and it’ll be an altogether beautiful decor to behold.

This candle warmer retails for S$43.99 on Shopee.

Industrial Candle Warmer

candle warmer

Homemade with metal and pine wood, this candle warmer will add a rustic touch to your home or blend right in with your room’s industrial-style interior.

Besides providing an accent to your home’s design, this candle warmer also works with candles big or small. The large wood base lets you place candles of any size on it, whether small, round, or large and three-wicked.

This candle warmer retails for S$66.11 on Etsy, with a shipping fee of S$33.05.

Market B NOKYO Candle Warmer

candle warmer

The Market B NOKYO Candle Warmer looks like a hidden treasure that you might stumble upon as you’re going through the boxes in the attic.

Instead of a smooth black, the candle warmer has rustic, bronze patches that lend to its vintage style. Place it on your table and it’ll look like you’ve got a family heirloom that has a long, historied tale behind it on display.

This candle warmer comes in black, antique black, and antique gold, and it retails for S$68.66 on Shopee.

Minimalist candle warmers

Vittz Claire Marble Rose Gold Candle Warmer

candle warmer

Less is more, as proven by the simple outline of this rose gold candle warmer.

The clean silhouette is balanced with a luxurious rose gold finish and expensive marbled base, making this candle warmer an especially sophisticated piece of decor for your home.

This candle warmer retails for S$109.87 on Shopee.

Rustic hourglass candle warmer

candle warmer

The candle warmer’s rustic bronze lampshade design adds an interesting twist to the otherwise simple silhouette and even matte-black finish of the stands.

Since the slim stands frame the candle rather than surround it, the candle also takes the spotlight in this design. You’ll get to appreciate how your candle looks on the table, even as you delight in its soothing fragrance.

This candle warmer retails for S$94.63 on Etsy.

Minimalist lamp candle warmer

candle warmer

Swap out the lamp that you have on your bedside table with this multi-tasking lamp-cum-candle warmer. The candle warmer’s classic lamp design lets you enjoy the soft glow from under the lampshade, even as it melts the wax and releases its comforting scents across your bedroom.

This candle warmer retails for S$87.35 on Etsy.

Korean Wooden Candle Warmer

candle warmer

Wooden textures lend an ultimately cosy touch to your home – all the more when they surround a scented candle that’s being illuminated in a warm light. The wooden candle warmer will perfectly complement your candle to create a mini, cosy “fireplace” within your home.

This candle warmer retails starting from S$42.90 on Shopee.

Candle Warmers Black Aurora Lamp

candle warmer

Inspired by mid-century desk lamps, the Black Aurora lamp was designed with a classic curved silhouette, semi-matte black finish, and frosted lamp shade.

If you adore the cosy flickering of a candle’s flame, then you’ll appreciate that the frosted lamp shade further softens the light to create an ambience that’s (almost) just as romantic.

This candle warmer retails for S$75.93 on Amazon.

Lantern candle warmers

Vintage lantern candle warmer

candle warmer

Although this “lantern” doesn’t carry an actual flame, it’ll cast a soft, yellow light down onto your candle, making it appear as if it does.

The perfect decor to create a café-style ambience, this candle warmer will transport you from your dining room to the romantic streets of Paris; the spread of fresh, buttery croissants and ice-cold orange juice on your table will taste all the better because of it.

This candle warmer retails for S$82.98 on Etsy.

Candle Warmers Beacon Candle Warmer Lantern Black

candle warmer

Putting a modern twist on a throwback lantern design, this candle warmer boasts clean lines and smooth curves. With its simple colour palette of black and frosted white, the candle warmer is also a super versatile piece of decor that can fit in effortlessly with most home interiors.

That’s right, you’ll be able to enjoy your candle fragrances in contemporary style.

This candle warmer retails for S$52.09 on Amazon.

Wax warmers

Candle Warmers Pewter Walnut 2-In-1 Classic Fragrance Warmer

candle warmer

This compact candle warmer doesn’t take up much space, so it’ll make its home easily on even the smallest surface. The beautiful golden-bronze dish tops a smooth ceramic base, which has been brushed to appear like homely walnut wood.

Since the bronze dish is for melting wax chips – a good alternative to candles, you can simply remove it and replace it with a candle. The candle warmer will heat your candle from the base upwards so that the wax’s luscious fragrance gently blankets the room.

This candle warmer retails for S$49.66 on Amazon.

Hosley Cream Ceramic Electric Wax Warmer

candle warmer

The ceramic material and smooth cream glaze of this candle warmer are enough to win us over, but this candle warmer goes one step further with the classic details that are patterned all around its base.

Since it doubles as a wax and candle warmer, you can choose between using wax chips or candles to envelope your room in luscious fragrance. For candles, it’s better to use ones that are smaller or shorter, as the candle has to melt all the way through – from the base to the top – to release its delicious scents.

This candle warmer retails for S$47.24 on Amazon.

Klosh Disney Princess Cinderella Touch Warmer & Candle Bundle

candle warmer

Have your favourite Disney fairytale come to life on your bedroom wall with Klosh’s Disney Princess Cinderella Touch Warmer.

The candle warmer’s slim metal frame is etched with a dancing Cinderella, a pumpkin carriage in the background, and magic dust peppering the night sky. When you turn it on, the candle warmer’s soft glow will cast, in a magical combination of lights and shadows, this dreamy scene onto your bedroom walls. It’s almost enough to make you believe that fairytales do come true.

Plus, this bundle includes scented wax chips that recall a Cinderella tale. You’ll get to whiff a dreamy blend of tuberose petals, exotic plumeria, and invigorating verbena alongside the enchanting lights!

Do note that this candle warmer works only for wax chips and not candles.

This candle warmer bundle retails for S$64.80 on Zalora. You can also find other Klosh Disney Princess Candle Warmers here.

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