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We can’t get enough of cute beauty products, and the latest that we’re obsessing over is this lip mask housed in a honeypot-shaped container, which totally reminds us of Winnie The Pooh’s iconic honey pot.


Apart from its adorable exterior, another feature that makes the Cappuvini Honey Lip Mask product oh-so-cute is a honey dipper that can be used to scoop the product, which also is clear yellow so it looks like actual honey. The design comes with a designated section for you to tuck the dipper away so you won’t lose it – smart!

Good looks aside, the product is said to be extremely magical on the lips.

You can expect a texture that’s not too sticky nor runny, so it goes easily onto the lips.


Infused with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that locks in moisture effectively, the Cappuvini Honey Lip Mask also has an exfoliating effect that sloughs off dead skin and gives you super soft and supple lips as a result. The formula also contains real berries, which offers antioxidant benefits while giving a hint of sweet aroma.

While this is mainly used as an overnight treatment for your lips, you can also add a touch on top of your favourite lip colour to give your lips a glossy look.

The Cappuvini Lip Mask retails at S$20 at Lazada. There’s a 30% discount going on at the time of writing, so check the link for its latest price.