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Have you ever seen something so cute you just had to have it? But when you look at the price tag, your wallet is practically begging you to say no?

Well, we found a product that will do without the latter reaction. It is so adorable yet highly affordable, we were absolutely shaken with excitement.

We couldn’t help but squeal in glee because of how adorable SUAKE’s Cat Paw Eyeliner looks.

While the eyeliner shade is black, it’s wrapped in a pretty, pastel pink packaging with an adorable cat paw at the very tip of the cover.

Cat Paw Eyeliner Cat Eyeliner

The pen houses a quick-drying, sweat-proof, and smudge-proof formula, and it also has a thin sponge tip, so it is suitable for drawing fine lines. Hence, it might be the purr-fect tool for drawing on a feline flick.

Although it markets itself as waterproof, one reviewer we found said that it doesn’t really hold up well against water.

Product specifications and adorable packaging aside, the pricing is what really draws us in.

The SUAKE Cat Paw Eyeliner retails for S$4.90 but is currently on sale for S$2.50 on Shopee – that’s a whopping 49% off!

Why not buy more than a few of these delightful eyeliners if you’re into collecting cute beauty products or have got a friend who does so?

Featured image credit: Shopee