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Lipsticks are perhaps the easiest makeup item for makeup lovers to hoard and collect. And when lipsticks are as stunning and prized as Chanel’s, they’re simply irresistible to us beauty junkies.

chanel lipstick TERRE D'ÉTOILES 3

Credit: RED

This trending “milk coffee” lipstick shade is part of Chanel’s new limited-edition line, Rouge Allure Velvet La Comète. Its warm nude hue is reminiscent of the “milk tea”-inspired lip shades we love, except this one’s grounded with a deeper touch of brown.

This line is a version of the iconic Rouge Allure Velvet, and was inspired by the constellations that Gabrielle Chanel loved.

With eight new shades in the Velvet La Comète collection, these lipsticks are furnished with an inimitable click case that’s embossed with a comet, fashioned after the equally iconic Chanel Comète necklace.

chanel lipstick TERRE D'ÉTOILES 1

Credit: RED

This luminous lipstick has a velvet finish and plenty of sparkles to fit the constellation theme. A stunning glimmery transparent lip gloss, this lipstick is perfect for layering above other colours for an extra special shine.

chanel lipstick TERRE D'ÉTOILES 2

Credit: RED

The shade 108 Terre D’ètoiles is a flattering shade that’s elegant and chic, suitable for pretty much every occasion you can think of, from the most formal dinners to casual outings with friends.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Comète in 108 Terre D’ètoiles is available at CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty boutiques, counters, and Beauty E-Shop for S$58.