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One of the highlights in the S$1,150 Chanel Advent Calendar is a white Chanel No. 5 snow globe that can be hung on a Christmas tree.

chanel snow globe 4

chanel snow globe 1

If you’re deterred by the price tag but really like the snow globe, here’s good news. Chanel Beauty boutiques are giving away a gold Chanel No. 5 snow globe when you spend S$500 in the store.

chanel snow globe 2

And if you ask us, we think that this gold version is even prettier than the white one found in the calendar.

chanel snow globe 3

Spend S$1,500 to get a limited edition candle.

chanel towels

Spend S$1,500 to get a set of towels.

And if you’d want to stock up on all your favourite Chanel products for 2022, consider spending at least S$1,500 and you’ll also receive a limited edition candle and a set of towels.

Find a Chanel boutique closest to you here.