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Beauty enthusiasts, put this in your notes: cult beauty brand Chantecaille will be opening its first dedicated beauty counter in Singapore in mid-April, offering the full range of the botanical beauty brand’s skincare and makeup to us.


Dedicated to harnessing the healing potential of flowers, the brand carries products that have high concentration of natural botanicals and are dedicated to using pure, responsibly-sourced ingredients. Most of the products have a pure rosewater base and essential oils, which give them a beautiful, natural fragrance. And we’re not just talking about any rosewater. The rosewater used by Chantecaille in their products is from the precious Rose de Mai from Grasse, France, and is only harvested once a year.

Chantecaille Rose De Mai Collection

On top of using natural ingredients, the brand also ensures ingredients that are known to be harmful and unsustainable, such as parabens, synthetic fragrance, sulphate detergents, are left out.

Chantecaille products to look out for

1. Future Skin Foundation

Client | Chantecaille

This is an all-time favourite for Chantecaille fans, thanks to its ultra-lightweight, refreshing texture. The oil-free gel foundation has a buildable formula and contains light-reflecting pigments to help create a naturally flawless finish.

2. Rose de Mai Cream

Chantecaille singapore - rose de mai cream

Remember the exquisite Rose de Mai that we mentioned earlier? This cream embodies the richness of this ingredient. Besides the Rose de Mai, this gel cream also contains plant stem cells to moisturise skin and neuturalise accumulated photo damage, while soothing skin at the same time.

3. Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen Broadspectrum SPF45 Primer

Chantecaille Singapore - Ultra Sun Protection

While some sunscreens interfere with makeup, this one complements it with its priming benefit. With filters that protects skin from both UVA and UVB rays, this lightweight, oil-free, and mattifying sunscreen gives you the protection you need every day.

4. Jasmine Lily Healing Mask

Chantecaille Singapore - jasmine and lily healing mask

Ideal for dehydrated and dull-looking complexion, this is a cooling mask that doubles up as a rich night cream. It contains several botanical ingredients to protect and hydrate skin, and is able to protect skin from harsh environmental aggressors, making it a product well-loved by jet-setters.

5. Lip Chic

Chantecaille Singapore - lip chic

Here’s a lip product that gives an even, shiny finish without stickiness. The comfortable formula glides on smoothly onto lips and is infused with collagen and hyaluronic acid to help your skin look plump and youthful.

Price are unavailable. Chantecaille will be available at Takashimaya Beauty Hall from mid-April.