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Now that the festive season is behind us, you may have plans on shedding some weight that you’ve gained over the holidays from snacking on too many goodies.

Thankfully, we recently found another set of weight loss recipes shared by Taiwanese actress Chen Chiao-en who lost 20kg on the same diet.

If you don’t know her, this actress starred in The Prince Who Turns into a Frog and Fated to Love You. She shared that she was 63kg at her heaviest and managed to shed a whopping 20kg in six months by following this diet plan.

Chen Chiao-en’s diet plan

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One thing about this diet plan is that you’re going to have to love grapefruit as it is present in every meal. So, fans of grapefruit are sure to rejoice.

A single grapefruit has lots of fibre to help you feel fuller and contains over 60% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C.


  • Half a grapefruit (Option: Fruit juice without sugar) – 190g or 63 calories
  • Two eggs (Any method of cooking) – 100g or 143 calories
  • Two slices of bacon – 50g or 196 calories


  • Half a grapefruit (Option: Fruit juice without sugar) 190g or 63 calories
  • Salad (Not limited to any dressing) unlimited grams or calories
  • Poultry (Alternative: Fish) 100g or 120 calories


  • Half a grapefruit (Option: Fruit juice without sugar) 190g or 63 calories
  • Poultry (Alternative: Fish) 100g or 120 calories
  • Select one option, 500g or 50 to 90 calories:
    • Green or red vegetables (see next section for examples)
    • Salad

Rules to note regarding this diet

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This diet plan is said to originally be for patients with heart problems who wish to lose weight rapidly before a heart surgery, so there are a few rules to note about it.

Diet routine duration

This plan lasts for two weeks. You should follow this diet for 12 whole days and then stop it for the following two days. If there is a need to, you can repeat the routine.

Vegetables to consume

Choose green or red vegetables such as chilli, carrots, red or green onions, tomatoes, broccoli, radish, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, and spinach.

Butter is an acceptable salad dressing in this diet plan, but you can use any dressing actually.

The vegetables you should avoid are white ones such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, white onions, and celery.

Reduce your caffeine intake

It is recommended to reduce your caffeine intake as it may lower your insulin sensitivity which can slow down the fat-burning process.

Therefore, you might want to consider switching to decaffeinated coffee so you can burn those extra calories.

Modifying the diet

Other than the grapefruit for lunch and dinner, you can consume the other portions in any amount until you feel full. There’s no need to starve yourself for this diet plan!

Please do not eliminate any food from this dietary menu, including grapefruit, salad, and even bacon as this menu has been specifically made to reduce calories.

Stick to this diet plan strictly and avoid any beverages or food that are not listed, especially sweet desserts or bread!

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