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Amidst the hustle of Chinese New Year, don’t forget to give your skin some love for the festivities.

Gift yourself the ultimate treat—one that lifts, tones, brightens, and takes on those signs of ageing. The best part? No downtime or painful extractions involved!

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the best facials to cater to all your skin concerns. And fret not – we’ve also included some quick fixes when you’re short on time. So, go ahead, pamper yourself. You absolutely deserve that fresh and radiant look!

Best Facials For A Radiant Glow

IDS Aesthetics O2 Rejuvenate

cny facials 2024 ids aesthetics

Embrace a red-carpet-worthy glow with the IDS O2R Rejuvenate (O2R) facial, the secret weapon of A-listers like Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez.

Created by the renowned IDS Aesthetics, pioneers in personalised beauty with an unwavering commitment to enhancing natural beauty, the IDS O2R is an innovative, glow-boosting treatment you simply must try.

The facial taps on the power of hyperbaric oxygen, gently infusing your skin with pure, revitalising air while layering on a cocktail of potent serums designed to deeply hydrate, brighten, and rejuvenate.

In just one luxurious session, you’ll embark on a three-step journey to luminous skin.

facials cny 2024 ids

First, an oxygen infusion hydrating serum awakens your complexion, prepping it for the next wave of goodness. Then, intensive hydration replenishes your skin’s moisture reserves, plumping up fine lines and wrinkles.

Finally, a moisture shield locks in this newfound radiance, leaving you with a youthful, dewy finish that’s ready for the festivities.

You’ll experience deep hydration for softer skin. Watch your skin transform as dullness is banished and a natural, radiant glow takes centre stage. What’s more, the IDS O2R tackles the telltale signs of ageing, leaving you with a smoother, plumper complexion.

The IDS O2R’s potent blend of oxygen and serum works its magic, minimising pores and revealing a flawless complexion. And the best part? The results are instantaneous.

DV readers can enjoy IDS Aesthetics' O2 Rejuvenate for S$120 before GST (U.P. S$280)*!

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This facial is available from 29 January 2024, and the promotion is valid until 29 February 2024.

IDS Aesthetics O2 Rejuvenate (O2R) is priced at S$280 before GST per session. Available at both IDS Aesthetics’ International Building and Novena Specialist Center.

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8 Sinaran Drive, Novena Specialist Center, #05-07 to 08, Singapore 307470
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CHANEL The Sublime Treatment


Get the best of both worlds with this treatment – a rejuvenating facial combined with the luxury of CHANEL’s Sublimage range for your skin!

This revitalising treatment works wonders for the skin, providing intense rejuvenation while simultaneously minimising signs of ageing. By using a mix of Eastern and Western massage techniques, the treatment enhances the absorption of CHANEL’s Sublimage range.

Expert pinch-roll movements reactivate and re-oxygenate your skin, leaving it deeply hydrated. Your complexion gains a unified tone, appearing firmer and smoother. Nourished and cared for, your skin regains strength and vitality, revealing its natural radiance.

CHANEL The Sublime Treatment is priced at S$385 and offers a relaxing 90-minute session.

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Clé de Peau Beauté Soin Synactif Purifying Facial Brightening


If you’re after a sensory experience, treat yourself to a unique spa ritual featuring Synactif – the top-notch skincare series from Clé de Peau Beauté.

This comprehensive treatment blends holistic practices with advanced science, using specialised devices for deep cleansing, hot and cold massage, and stimulating microcurrent.


The pampering session starts with a thorough cleanse using Synactif cleansing cream, followed by a brightening lotion mask and a comforting warming mask.

A skilled therapist then applies Synactif massage cream, focusing on facial sculpting, lymphatic flow, and relaxation in a 10-step process. The result is visibly brighter and smoother skin, leaving you feeling energised and refreshed.

Clé de Peau Beauté Soin Synactif Purifying Facial Brightening is priced at S$200 and offers a relaxing 80-minute session.

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La Source Spa Skin Rebirth Treatment Facial


Amidst the hustle and bustle of your Chinese New Year visits, the frenzy can take a toll on your skin, making it crucial to combat those wrinkles and fine lines for a lasting, youthful glow!

This facial treatment is designed to combat ageing and oxidation, giving your skin a rejuvenating experience. Enjoy a relaxing massage with a lifting serum that smoothes fine lines and enhances the contours of your face and eyes.

Followed by a CO3 mask infused with potent ingredients like resveratrol, it replenishes skin cells with up to 4000 times more oxygen.

Finish with an intensive hydrating serum that repairs oxidative damage, ensuring your skin remains neutralised against free radicals and incredibly supple.

La Source Spa Skin Rebirth Treatment Facial is priced at S$398 and offers a relaxing 90-minute session.

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Rationale The Brilliance Glow Facial


If you’re aiming to bring back that refreshed, plump glow, give Rationale’s The Brilliance Glow Facial a go! After the hustle and bustle of CNY preparations, your skin could use a bit of pampering—hydrate, refine, and smooth it out!

This facial boasts an Enzyme Reactivation Complex that gently revives your skin’s inherent glow by refining its texture and boosting hydration. Essential vitamins and antioxidants are skillfully infused through facial massage techniques, followed by a dose of LED Light Therapy to restore that deep radiance.


And here’s a special treat until 23 February 2024—book during this festive period, and enjoy a complimentary 15-minute upgrade to your facial treatment!

Indulge in an extended session of LED Light Therapy for a brighter, more even complexion, coupled with an additional hand and arm massage to elevate that sense of deep relaxation.

Rationale The Brilliance Glow Facial is priced at S$195 instead of S$216, and offers a relaxing 45-minute session.

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Glomax Aesthetics Ultimate GLO LED Light Facial


If you’re grappling with whiteheads, blackheads, and pesky acne, this facial is your go-to for achieving tighter and more radiant skin!

Using non-invasive LED light energy, this treatment naturally amps up the photochemical reactions in your skin, boosting collagen for a smoother, tighter, and brighter complexion. It works deep at the cellular level, making it especially effective against active acne and rosacea.

The blue light fights acne-causing bacteria, the yellow light brightens your skin, the green light calms sensitive skin, and the red light stimulates collagen production for improved skin structure and elasticity.

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12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #06-168 SOHO 2, Singapore 059819
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10am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) 10am – 5pm (Sat)
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Sulwhasoo Moisturizing & Comforting Treatment


If your skin is feeling dull and dehydrated, it’s high time to give it the hydration it craves. Why not pamper yourself with a facial at Sulwhasoo, the premier luxury beauty brand in South Korea!

Indulge in the Moisturizing and Comforting Treatment, a specialised facial designed to restore your skin’s natural moisture balance. This regimen focuses on soothing, hydrating, and preventing dryness, utilising carefully selected products for optimal results.

Immerse yourself in a ritual that encourages quick absorption, and enjoy the added benefits of a white porcelain massager as part of the experience.

Sulwhasoo Moisturizing & Comforting Treatment is priced at S$240 and offers a relaxing 80-minute session.

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2 Orchard Turn, #B2-02, Singapore 238801
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10am – 10pm (Mon to Sun)
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3 Gateway Drive, #01-28, Singapore 608532
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Best Facials For A Contoured Jawline

Epion Aesthetics Flow + Contour


Not a fan of facials loaded with harsh chemicals and high-tech gadgets? You’re in for a treat with this one!

Relax and refresh your skin with their special fascia-release facial. This gua sha medifacial uses gentle circular strokes to ease facial muscles, boost circulation, and stimulate collagen. The result: a visibly plumped and glowing complexion.


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Indulge in a pampering experience, including a soothing neck and shoulder massage, a clarifying peel, a 24K gold mask, and LED therapy. Finish with a hyaluronic acid infusion for smooth and dewy skin, leaving your mind relaxed and recentered.

Epion Aesthetics Flow + Contour Facial is priced at S$280 and offers a relaxing 90-minute session.

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Amber Beila Youth Restorative Facial


If you want a classic facelift that gives you an instant V-shaped face, this one’s for you!

As we age, our face undergoes changes like saggy skin and less defined features. The Youth Restorative Facial at Amber Beila is a detailed procedure by their experts to renew and firm up your skin.

This treatment focuses on repositioning muscles, lifting the skin, and promoting lymphatic drainage for a plumper and more contoured face. It also boosts collagen synthesis, reshaping the face line and bringing back a healthy complexion.

With signature hand techniques, Amber Beila’s Youth Restorative Facial promises a firm, lifted, and dewy look – think of it as a Korean-style glow!

Location & Contact Details
41 Amoy Street, Singapore 069867
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11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
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1 Raffles Pl, #05-19A, Singapore 048616
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11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) 10am – 7pm (Sat)
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Yakson Small Face Care Golki Therapy


For those Chinese New Year selfies, flaunting that perfect V-shaped jawline is a must! Luckily, there’s a way to achieve it without surgery or invasive procedures.

Try Yakson’s Golki Therapy, a technique rooted in Wolff’s law. This method believes in the power of shock and pressure to stimulate calcium absorption, ultimately enhancing bone density.


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This comprehensive six-step treatment begins with cleansing and décolleté care, followed by the Head Golki™ Therapy and Signature Golki™ Therapy. These involve reshaping your face and refining your jawline through a series of deep massages.

The session wraps up with a rejuvenating facial mask!

Yakson Small Face Care Golki Therapy is priced at S$288, giving you a 45-minute session per treatment. 

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501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, #05-12A, Singapore 238880
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10am – 10pm (Mon to Fri) 10am – 7pm (Sat, Sun & PH)
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Express Facials For The Time-starved

Sugar K Organic Peel Treatment


If you’re after that clear, healthy, and naturally radiant complexion but can’t spare an hour for a traditional facial, swing by Sugar K’s peel bar for a speedy 20-minute skin refresh!

Their signature Organic Peel Treatment is perfect for busy urbanites, targeting acne scars, pore issues, oil control, and hydration in a quick and effective manner.


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With glycolic acid from sugar cane, these peels gently exfoliate, tightening pores and giving your skin a radiant glow by removing dead cells and excess sebum.

The treatment takes three to five minutes, stimulating cell renewal and collagen production. A neutraliser follows to balance things out before the final touch – toner, serum, moisturiser, and sunscreen.

Sugar K Organic Peel Treatment is priced at S$70.65 per session, and you can choose to focus on specific areas like eyes (S$27), neck (S$48), or back (S$94). 

Location & Contact Details
6 Eu Tong Sen St, #03-83, Singapore 059817
Opening hours
11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) 10am – 8pm (Sat, Sun & PH)
501 Bukit Timah Road, #03-03, Singapore 259760
Opening hours
11.30am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) 10am – 7pm (Sat)

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Kiehl’s Deep Pore Purifying Treatment


In case you’re not aware, Kiehl’s recently opened a new store at Raffles City Mall, and they’re introducing in-store facial treatments for the first time!

So, if you’re in a time crunch after some Chinese New Year shopping, why not treat yourself to their Deep Pore Purifying Treatment? This facial detoxifies your skin, minimising visible pores and ensuring your skin is flawless for the celebrations.

During this 30-minute session, you’ll enjoy a deep exfoliation that draws out dirt and toxins, unclogging pores and reducing excess oil production. Expect a clearer, more refined complexion post-treatment. The best part? It’s suitable for all skin types!

Kiehl’s Deep Pore Purifying Treatment is priced at S$60 and offers a relaxing 30-minute session. 

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