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This “goji berry milk tea” lipstick will make touch-ups feel that much more luxurious

By Zachary Lim
18 May, 2023

Talk about making milk tea luxurious. Christian Louboutin released a new shade of lipstick called “Soft Goji” and it has since been all the talk on Xiao Hong Shu (RED).

Have a look at the gorgeous swatches!

Credit: 沐沐酱/Xiao Hong Shu

Inside the iconic—and ultra luxurious—golden pointed Louboutin lipstick packaging hides the dusty and milky-hued shade, “Soft Goji”.

Credit: 沐沐酱/Xiao Hong Shu

Like its name, it has a bright and airy pink tone, resembling a cup of goji berry-infused milk tea. Its velvety finish leaves a gorgeous and youthful glow on your lips, without the tackiness.

Despite its intense pigmentation, it is highly wearable, buildable, and blendable, making it a highly versatile lippie to have in your makeup bag.

Create a bolder look with a few coats of this buttery formula.

Credit: 沐沐酱/Xiao Hong Shu

Or, as Xiao Hong Shu creator 沐沐酱 demonstrates in her post, concentrate the lipstick towards the middle of your lips and feather it out for a K-beauty gradient-like effect.

Credit: 沐沐酱/Xiao Hong Shu

It will be quite an investment, but you get what you pay for: uncompromising quality, beauty, and luxury.

Unfortunately, it isn’t available in Singapore, but you can order it online at Selfridges & Co for S$123. Price excludes taxes and shipping.