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The holiday season has blessed us with numerous holiday gift sets, and we seriously just can’t get enough of them. What we certainly didn’t expect, however, was the launch of a festive toothpaste by Colgate. Now that we’ve seen it, we want it – badly!

Christmas Colgate transparent

This special toothpaste is packaged in a cool transparent holiday tube with the words “Merry Christmas” written on it above a minimalist forest illustration.

The transparent packaging allows us to see the crystal-clear toothpaste on the inside, which is a striking contrast from the usual stark white toothpaste we’re used to brushing our teeth with. But if you take a closer look, you will realise that it’s not the only interesting part about this product.

When you squeeze some toothpaste out, you’ll notice festive tree sequins and red shredded confetti in the gel, which melt in your mouth when brushing. How neat is that?

Christmas Colgate packaging

The box itself is also a special Christmas packaging with very merry motifs. The red branding of Colgate really works to its advantage here – and we’re totally into it.

Plus, it’s a small and festive box that would be easy to pop into a gift bag or wrapped up for easy gift giving.

You can get the 2021 Christmas Colgate on Taobao for ¥99.90 (~S$21.43), while the 2020 version is available for S$18 on Shopee.