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It’s no secret that Christmas gift-shopping can be exceptionally stressful, but finding one for the most important people in your life should be a pleasant experience.

One tried-and-tested tip that we were given years ago: picture the look on your recipient’s face when they open your package. If the image you have in your mind is pure joy, then you know you’ve found the right gift.

But if you’re still unsure what gifts to get for the people who are most important to you, fret not. We’re here to help with this guaranteed-to-please gift list that everyone on your VIP list will love.

Gifts for your mum

Your mum deserves nothing but the best Christmas gifts, so express your love with these ultra-luxe presents.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Mt Metatron

Not only is this six-piece set a good introduction to the premium Japanese skincare brand for mummy dearest, but we bet she’ll also be delighted to know that she’ll be getting her hands on MT Metatron’s cult anti-ageing essence in full 30ml size.

In case you’re wondering, the MT Essential Serum is lauded globally for its ability to effectively improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagginess while tightening the skin for a V-shaped contour.

MT Metatron Premium Coffret 2020 retails for S$201.50 exclusively at Isetan Scotts.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Maison 21g

Give the gift of warmth with a twist with Maison 21G’s bespoke Scented Dual Candle Set.

Consisting of two half-moon candles sitting atop a stylish brass-plated holder, you get to choose from the brand’s selection of eight candle scents to create your very own fragrance profile that form a unique scented atmosphere when lit together.

Best part? You can easily try out new candle scents as each half-moon candle are available in refills and can easily be switched out as you desire.

For mum, we highly recommend these scent combinations: sage and raspberry to uplift the spirits, or fig and vanilla to whisk her away on a Mediterranean escape.

Maison 21G Scented Dual Candle Set retails for S$150 at all Maison 21G boutiques as well as online. Individual refills are available at S$75.

Luxurious Facial Fil Skin Body Spa Intelligence

Source: Diana Grytsku/Freepik

Your mum deserves the ultimate pampering, so why not book her a luxurious facial that offers her some quiet ‘me’ time while giving her skin much-needed TLC?

The award-winning Premium Gold Face Therapy by FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence not only uses a special gold-plated probe to deliver nourishment deep into skin layers, but also offers protection from free radical damage and prevents premature ageing.

In addition, it can help improve skin elasticity with a luxurious mask that’s formulated with a cocktail of gold, pearl, ginseng, vitamin C, pseudo-ginseng root, and alginic acid.

Gifts for yourself

You didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you? Perhaps the most important recipient of them all, go for rewarding presents that you’ll buy now and cherish forever.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Lumive Reclar

Been looking around for a beauty device that’s highly effective yet compact in size? Look no further than the Ion Double-Care Toner Mist by Reclar, a Korean professional beauty device brand that recently launched in Singapore.

As the name suggests, it’s a misting gadget that ranks high in terms of sustainability and hygiene since it allows you to mist your toner onto the face in lieu of cotton pads on your hands.

Apart from the hands-free function, the lightweight device is also built with ionisation technology which aids skin’s absorption of your toner and subsequent skincare products.

You’ll also like that it delivers only consistent, ultra-fine mist to tone, hydrate, and soothe your skin thanks to its patented fine-spray technology. That means it can also double as a facial mist that you can spritz liberally every three to four hours of the day to refresh and quench parched skin.

Best part? There’s no need to worry about the ultra-fine mist messing up your makeup look! Plus, it also allows for a smoother makeup application when used as a toning mist in your daily skincare routine.

Additionally, the fuss-free gizmo requires little maintenance as it utilises UV technology to sanitise the toner cartridge once the solution within has run out.

Use it with any of the three toner solutions from Reclar based on your skin concerns – you can choose from 6 Peptide Solution which helps strengthen skin barrier, Cica Solution for skin-soothing benefits, and Brightening Solution which addresses dullness and uneven skin tone.

Alternatively, pair it with the Reclar Camellia Soothing Essence, a pure camellia water-based toner that’s exclusive to the misting device if you’d like a highly moisturising formula that can soothe dry skin and offer antioxidant effects.

Reclar Ion Double-Care Toner Mist now retails for S$70 (U.P S$92) online, and comes with one free bottle of Camellia Soothing Essence.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Christian Louboutin

After the whirlwind year, you deserve a pat on the back and a seriously nice gift. And we think that the limited-edition So Rouge shade of Christian Louboutin’s luxe lipstick definitely tops the gifts-for-yourself chart.

Satiny, sparkly, and complete with an over-the-top festive packaging, just take the plunge and celebrate Christmas the bougie Louboutin way.

Christian Louboutin Loubirouge Glitter Lip Colour retails for S$142 exclusively at TANGS.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Ghd

Style your hair like a pro will no longer be a dream when you have this award-winning smart styler on your vanity.

In addition to its cutting-edge predictive technology that adjusts the power accordingly upon recognising the thickness of your hair, the section size, and your styling speed, it also comes in a delicate shade of pink that will instantly brighten up your dressing table.

GHD Platinum+ retails for S$425 and is available at PREP Luxe in Capitol Piazza as well as online.

Gifts for your dad (and brother)

Shopping for dad (or your annoying brother for that matter) doesn’t have to be a chore. These grooming and wellness gifts will surely please even the pickiest of recipients.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Aesop

With this good-looking skincare trio from the brand’s best-selling Parsley Seed range, your dad or brother will be dying to take better care of their skin.

Aesop The Ardent Nomad Gift Kit retails for S$240 at all Aesop stores and online.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Miriqa

Don’t let dad struggle with hair loss alone in silence. Give him the gift of hope with the latest hair vitamins from Miriqa.

The drug-free supplement is formulated with a combination of hair-nourishing botanicals and proteins such as saw palmetto, tocotrienol, tripeptide collagen, biotin, and keratin to fortify every stage of the hair growth cycle, so that healthier, stronger hair can grow.

Miriqa Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement retails for S$125 (60 capsules) at selected spas and clinics as well as online.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Muehle Shaving

For an elevated shaving experience, look no further than this ultra-luxe all-black gift set that your dad or brother will proudly display on the bathroom sink.

Mühle Rytmo Gift Set retails for S$322 online.

Vesure Hair Therapy Interior

Want to offer a pampering spa sesh instead? Then consider the QXTL Head Reflexology from Vesure Hair Therapy.

Pairing traditional Taiwanese gua sha techniques with scalp massage, the QXTL Head Reflexology offers a wholesome, relaxing scalp detox treatment that can help keep hair thinning and greying at bay as well as stimulate healthy hair growth by way of promoting blood circulation in the scalp.

Gifts for your sister

Keep things fun with these limited-edition gifts.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Innisfree

Attaining radiant skin this holidays is an easy feat with Innisfree’s best-selling hydrating serum that not only comes dressed in quirky festive packaging courtesy of illustrator Steven Harrington, but is also upsized to a jumbo 160ml bottle – that’s double the size of the usual serum!

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum (Holiday Edition) retails for S$49 at all Innisfree stores and online.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Tarte Sephora

With this set of three Amazonian clay-infused Tartelette eyeshadow minis that are packed with pigmented matte and shimmer shades, your sister will have all she needs to create plenty of makeup content for her TikTok channel.

Tarte Give, Gift & Get Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Wardrobe retails for S$86 at all Sephora stores and on Sephora.sg.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Briogeo

Cult-classic masks for healthy hair aside, we doubt anyone could resist saying no to the adorable bear packaging that houses the limited-edition re-release of Don‘t Despair, Repair! Honey Moisture Deep Conditioning Mask, a must-have for restoring essential hydration and strength to dry, damaged hair.

Briogeo Merry Multi-Masking Kit retails for S$55 at all Sephora stores and on Sephora.sg.

Gifts for your best friend

Nothing says “I appreciate you” than these oh-so-gorgeous beauty gifts.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Klaypeau

If your bestie has been through the trenches lately, cheer her up with this accordion of sheet masks from Klaypeau.

Offering pockets of sheer bliss, it’s filled with eight sheet masks from international and Asian brands like L’Herboflore, Orgaid, Benton, and Ray that will surely give your bestie all the TLC she needs.

Klaypeau Masking To Beauty Holiday Kit retails for S$58.80 online.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Frank Body Sephora

Get the party going in the showers with this delicious shower duo that pulls off double-duty in the exfoliating and hydration departments with the Original Coffee Scrub and the all-new Fizzy Scrub.

Best part? Your bestie will be in for a sweet surprise when the sweet sherbert-scented Fizzy Scrub bubbles and foams up as she works it onto her skin.

Frank Body Shower Party Kit retails for S$31 at all Sephora stores and on Sephora.sg.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Fenty Beauty

Deck it out in shimmery rose nude and let it glow this Christmas with this makeup set for the face, lips, and body.

The beautiful Fenty Glow shade flatters pretty much all skin tones and on top of shiny-but-not-sticky Gloss Bomb, you’ll also get your hands on the light-as-air Cheeks Out cream blush and the sparkly Diamond Bomb highlighter – both of which are exclusively available in this set only.

Fenty Beauty Glow Trio retails for S$65 at all Sephora stores and on Sephora.sg.

Gifts for your significant other

Your love for each other may be difficult to express with words and be defined by tangible gifts, but that shouldn’t stop you from showering him with these worthy goodies this Christmas.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Dior

Looks as good as it smells and also leaves a lingering scent that makes you want to sniff him all day long – what’s not to love?

Dior Sauvage EDT retails for S$156 (100ml) at all Dior boutiques and counters as well as online at Sephora.sg.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Sunday Riley

Packed with the creme of the crop from the cult-favourite brand, this treasure trove of award-winning products will surely kickstart your partner’s long-awaited skincare regimen.

Plus, you’ll also get to steal peruse them when you’re over at his place – it’s a win-win, really.

Sunday Riley Ultimate Vault Skincare Kit Vol. 1 retails for S$687 on Sephora.sg.

Gifts for your boss

Show your gratitude with these practical gifts that also score top points in the aesthetics department.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum is an iconic holy grail for many beauty enthusiasts by now, so what better way to treat your superior to the gift of good skin than with this crowd-favourite set?

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Holiday Set retails for S$160 at all Sulwhasoo boutiques and counters island-wide.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Diptyque

With three scented gifts to spotlight two iconic Diptyque scents, Baies and L’Ombre dans l’Eau, we strongly advise you grab two sets instead of one because you’d want to keep one for yourself!

Diptyque Holiday Pocket retails for S$63 at Escentials and TANGS.

Christmas Gifts For Important People In Life Nodspark

Puddle of Joy (left) and Eternal Play (right)

Your boss may be too swamped with year-end projects to go for an hour-long mani-pedi session, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have festive nails for Christmas.

Get her nails sorted with any of the festive nail wraps from Nodspark – we’re loving the colourful Puddle of Joy set but if your superior’s style leans towards minimalism, we’re sure she’ll love the whimsical graphic art-inspired Eternal Play set.

Nodspark Christmas Collection 2020 retails for S$15 each at the Nodspark website as well as its stockists.