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From double cleansing to putting on a mask to tackle our skin concerns, we’re all familiar with the ways of pampering our skin and showing it some much-needed TLC. However, our long routines can be a little troublesome on days when we’re feeling exhausted.

Well, it may be time to try out this time-saving product that’s been trending hard in Japan and South Korea!

full mud mask series

Image Source: @sexylook_official on Instagram

The product in question? Taiwanese beauty brand Sexy Look’s Cleansing Clay Foam. It combines the power of an exfoliating mud mask with a facial cleanser to give you visible results, fast.

Endorsed by popular Taiwanese-based Singaporean singer-songwriter, Kenny Khoo, this clay-based cleansing mask has fans fighting to get their hands on it.

mud mask texture

Image Source: @sexylook_official on Instagram

A little goes a long way with this cleansing mask. Squeeze out a small amount of product and lather it in your hands to create a bubbly foam. You can use this as a daily facial cleanser to get rid of dust and dirt.

If you’re not looking to replace your face wash, you can use this product as a leave-on mask once or twice a week instead. It’ll help to deeply cleanse your skin and get rid of excess oil and gunk that are trapped in your pores.

Infused with hyaluronic acid and natural moisturising ingredients, the cleansing mask won’t leave your skin dry after every use. Plus, all four cleansing masks in the series are also enriched with nutrients, such as 21% mineral mud and cactus essence, so you know your skin will be getting the very best.

four different mud masks

Image Source: @sexylook_official on Instagram

The  Sexy Look Cleansing Mud Mask is available in four versions that cater to different skin needs:

  • Acne Care (Fights acne)
  • Bright (Brightens your complexion)
  • Oil Clear (Purifies the skin and controls sebum production)
  • Moist (Moisturises the skin)

The Sexy Look Cleansing Clay Foam retails for S$27.90 on Shopee.