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Can’t get enough of Clinique’s iconic Black Honey lipstick? You’ll want to read on.

If you’re a beauty enthusiast, you’ve definitely seen the Black Honey lipstick making the rounds on social media.

Now, the lippie has expanded into the Black Honey Party Set, a three-piece makeup collection centred around the gorgeous iconic shade.

Plus, trade in your Black Honey dupes to get discounts off the real Black Honey! After all, the dupes just can’t compare to the real thing.

Read on to get all the details about this launch.

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  1. The Set
  2. The Promotions

The Set

The new Black Honey Party Set, exclusive to Sephora, comprises of three makeup products for creating the perfect Black Honey look. Of course, the set includes the bestselling Black Honey Almost Lipstick.

Everyone’s been raving about this gorgeous sheer lippie, for its universally flattering cherry shade and subtle shine. And did you know that it was worn by actress Liv Tyler in the Lord of the Rings films?

It’s versatile and easily layered, so you can use it alone or as a topper to make your lip combo pop!

Next, you’ll get to try out the Black Honey Cheek Pop Blush. Clinique’s Cheek Pop Blush is already immensely popular, and the Black Honey shade is no different.

The silky-smooth formula will help the blush apply effortlessly for a natural flush.

Lastly, the set includes Clinique’s deluxe The Best Of Black Honey All About Shadow Palette, an eight-pan palette of neutral shades of brown.

It’s perfect for a muted, everyday look, and will go perfectly with the other Black Honey products.

This set comes in an adorable lip-shaped case that looks just like a doll’s accessories, so you can display your new makeup collection in this trendy carrier!

The Clinique Black Honey Party Set retails for S$99 on Sephora.

The Promotions

From 14 to 27 March, head down to Sephora’s Westgate outlet to participate in Clinique’s Swap The Dupe promotional campaign.

If you just couldn’t resist getting a cheaper dupe of this viral lippie, now’s your chance to own up!

Clinique is accepting your Black Honey dupes, and you’ll get a discount off the original, to prove that Clinique’s original lippie still reigns supreme.

Simply trade in your own lipstick to receive S$10 off your purchase of the authentic Black Honey Almost Lipstick!

Plus, with each purchase of the Black Honey Party Set, you’ll also receive an additional two-piece deluxe gift.

Mark your calendars and get ready to visit Sephora Westgate soon!