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After its super adorable collab with Doraemon, Colorkey launches yet another ultra-cute makeup collection.

Partnering with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty this time, Colorkey has launched a lipstick collection made up of eight liquid lipsticks.


Photo source: 毛坨子_

While most Hello Kitty makeup collaborations we’ve seen go all out with colourful and dramatic motifs of the cute cartoon character on the packaging, this one didn’t go down that route. We appreciate that the brand has taken on a more minimalist approach to the design, featuring the distinctive head of Hello Kitty on the rose gold caps of the liquid lipsticks instead.

If you ask us, we think that this concept is still very cute but a lot more timeless.

Most importantly, what we love about this Colorkey and Hello Kitty lipstick collection is that the lip shades featured are gorgeous and on trend. You’ll be able to find wearable “red bean paste” lip shades that are gaining popularity and pretty pinks and reds that don’t go out of style in the line-up.


How the glossy shades look. Photo source: 毛坨子_

You’ll also be able to find products in both glossy and matte finishes.


How the matte shades look. Photo source: 毛坨子_

The official Colorkey store in Singapore has not stocked up on these products yet. But if we were to take reference from the usual prices of their lip products, we can expect it to cost no more than S$30 each. Keep your eyes on its e-commerce store so you can snap up these beauties the moment they’re available.