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There has certainly been no shortage of cute yet functional makeup collaborations this year, here are a few of them that came under our radar recently:

And quite honestly, we aren’t tired of them just yet – who could when they’re so adorable?

The latest that caught our eyes is a collaboration between C-beauty brand Colorkey and Japanese media franchise Pokemon.

The star of this collection is the iconic Pikachu, and you can look forward to a series of Colorkey bestsellers in new packages featuring this cute character.

Read on to see all the products in this striking makeup collection.

1. Pokémon Nine Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Perhaps the most iconic item in this makeup collection, this eyeshadow palette is designed to look like a Pokéball and also has a huge Pikachu cut-out on the case. The ears of Pikachu can be used to prop up the palette so you can use it more effortlessly.

And it isn’t just an eye candy. This palette also has nine stunning shades in five different textures so you can create electrifying looks.

Pokémon Nine Colour Eyeshadow Palette retails for approximately S$27.20 on Taobao.

2. Pokémon Air Lip Glaze Lipstick

Of all the products in the collection, this one receives the most raves by netizens. The Air Lip Glaze Lipstick comes in two different packaging options, and each has a different texture for different looks when the mood strikes.

The gold tube holds a velvet matte lip glaze, while the black tube contains a gloss for some pretty shine in your look. The matte lipsticks come in nine different colours, with four new ones to the brand. Similarly, the gloss lipsticks come in eight different shades, with four of them being new.

Pokémon Air Lip Glaze Lipstick retails for approximately S$14.60 on Taobao.

3. Pokémon Liquid Foundation

This liquid foundation is lightweight while providing high coverage. Suitable for oily skin, the foundation has a mattifying effect, and allows for a smooth and flawless finish.

Pokémon Liquid Foundation retails for approximately S$31.40 on Taobao.

4. Pokémon Air Cushion Foundation

Finish your foundation application with a smooth loose powder to set it, or use this product as a light foundation on its own when applied wet. Of course, the cute compact it comes in certainly doesn’t hurt.

Pokémon Air Cushion Foundation retails for approximately S$25.10 on Taobao.

5. Pokémon Eyebrow Pencil

This eyebrow pencil delivers precision and you can choose between a pencil with a triangle tip or one with a two-colour flat tip, depending on how you prefer your brows to look.

Pokémon Eyebrow Pencil retails for approximately S$14.80 on Taobao.

6. Pokémon Set of 6 Air Glaze Lipstick

For a grand ending to this shockingly-adorable collection, pack the Set of 6 Air Glaze Lipstick as a beautiful little gift for a friend or treat yourself. This collection features six different colours of lipsticks in two textures, and each lipstick tube has a different Pokémon adorning its packaging. Look out for adorable Pokémon such as the sweet Eevee or the fiery Charmander.

Pokémon Set of 6 Air Glaze Lipstick retails for approximately S$33.50 on Taobao.