Colourpop Launches Mascara Featured

Colourpop has a huge cult following, especially for its liquid lipsticks that are known to be long-lasting, pigmented, and super, duper affordable.

If you’re a loyal customer who’s familiar with the products they offer, you’re likely to notice that one essential product is sorely missing from the list. Yes, mascara.

Colourpop Mascara Launched 2

Wait no more. Colourpop has finally launched its first-ever mascara collection, and they didn’t disappoint. Called the BFF Mascara, the collection will include six vibrant colours, apart from the classic black (called Black on Black). The colours include: Left On Red (a bright crimson), Kiss N’ Teal (aqua teal), Pink Inc. (hot pink), Blue Ya Mind (cobalt blue), Golden Boy (soft, daffodil yellow), and Purple Prose (a medium lavender).

Colourpop Mascara Launched 1

We’re excited to know that the coloured mascaras are going to be permanent items in the collection – something that is rather hard to come by, seeing how most of the time they’re launched as limited edition products in other brands.

The BFF Mascara is formulated to be both volumising and lengthening, and they also promise that it will remain flake-free all day. It comes with a unique twisted nylon fibre brush that is shaped to coat each lash from root to tip. They claim that the look is buildable and that the formula will not clump.

These mascaras have launched for about a week and reviews are already out. Most people who tried this mascara love its vibrant colour and lengthening effect. However, there are reviewers who see some clumping on their lashes.

Check out this video if you want to see swatches:

And while it’s unsurprising, we can’t help but still feel really happy that the BFF Mascaras are very affordable, at USD8 per tube. They are available at the Colourpop website.

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