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Having released their adorable Rudolph-themed collection for Christmas recently, ColourPop is once again serving us with a stunning new collection, but this time for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Credit: ColourPop on Instagram

Dressed in traditional colours of bold red and sparkling gold hues, the Get ‘Em Tiger collection has everything you need to achieve a fierce makeup look to go with your outfit planned for visiting, from a four-pan eyeshadow palette to a Body Milk to hydrate your skin.

Explore the full collection below!

Roar at the Moon Lip Set

Featuring three bold lip products, each with its own finish, the Roar at the Moon Lip Set gives you vibrant lips that will make you strut as confidently as a tiger.

Credit: Colourpop on Instagram

Swipe on the Glossy Lip Stain in shade Show Your Stripes for a long-wearing red lip that’s perfect for a day out. Try their Lip Creme in shade Hear Me Rawr for a soft, matte finish to complement your minimalistic fit.

If you prefer something with more shine, pick up their Lip Lacquer in shade It’s Grr Time for that special reflective vinyl finish.

Roar at the Moon Lip Set retails for S$29.80 (US$22) on ColourPop. You can also purchase each lip product for S$10.84 (US$8) each on ColourPop.

Get ‘Em Tiger Eyeshadow Palette

Credit: ColourPop on Instagram

A simple yet elegantly chic eyeshadow palette, the compact Get ‘Em Tiger palette invites you to unleash your inner feline and build bold looks for the festive season.

Combine shades Wild, a pale rose gold with a metallic finish, Best of Luck, a metallic gold speckled with red and silver flecks, Moon Mixer, a warm terracotta shade, and Feline Myself, a warm brown with a matte finish for the perfect Chinese New Year look.

Get ‘Em Tiger Eyeshadow Palette retails for S$13.55 (US$10) on ColourPop.

White Peach Lunar New Year 2022 Softening Body Milk Mini

Credit: Colourpop on Instagram

Not forgetting body care, the collection features a Softening Body Milk filled with nourishing botanicals, such as peach extracts and antioxidant-rich white tea to soothe your skin for a youthful glow.

The lightweight formula of the Body Milk also allows for it to absorb easily into the skin without any greasiness, leaving your skin soft and hydrated.

White Peach Lunar New Year 2022 Softening Body Milk Mini (98ml) retails for S$13.55 (US$10) on ColourPop.

13Lunar or Later Face & Body Highlighter

Credit: ColourPop on Instagram

Last but not least, complete your perfect holiday look with a bright, shimmering highlighter to add some extra shine to your fierce and bold look.

The Lunar or Later Face & Body Highlighter is a liquid-powder highlighter that delivers a radiant glow with an effortless and blendable application. Not only that, this versatile highlighter can be used on both your face and your body.

Lunar or Later Face & Body Highlighter retails for S$18.97 (US$14) on ColourPop.

Credit: Colourpop on Instagram

Can’t get enough of the grrr-eat products in this collection? Purchase the full collection to enjoy all the products together. After all, who could resist their stunning red and gold packaging?

Get ‘Em Tiger Collection retails for S$70.45 (US$52) on ColourPop.

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