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Sometimes, buying an extensive eyeshadow palette means reaching time and again for only some favourite shades that you adore, while leaving the rest untouched.

The great news is that you don’t have to dream about a palette that houses only the shades you’ll use, because you can actually make your own. Customisable makeup palettes are compacts that let you fit the cosmetics that you want inside, including eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzers.

With a customisable makeup palette, you’ll be able to bring all your essentials together in one place or have fun mixing and matching a myriad of alluring shades.

Read on, because we share 10 customisable makeup palettes that let you have the shades you love most within reach!

Customise a makeup palette in Singapore

Muji Makeup Palette

customise makeup palettes singapore - muji

Our favourite Japanese lifestyle brand has everything from food to furniture, and… surprise, even makeup!

So many of Muji’s products make it easier for you to get organised, so it’s no surprise we found a refillable, customisable makeup palette in the store.

customise makeup palettes singapore - muji (1)

Muji’s makeup palette is a minimalistic, slim case that lets you put in the powders that you love the most. You get to create a makeup palette that houses whatever you like – a pressed powder foundation and sponge, or one with a soft blush, several eyeshadow shades, and brushes. It’s up to you.

Get Muji Makeup Palette for S$16 at Muji Stores in Singapore. Makeup powders are priced ranging from S$10.90 to S$19.

You can also buy the Makeup Palette for S$27.90 (Large) or S$9.73 (Small) on Amazon.

ColourPop Build Your Own Palette

customise makeup palettes singapore - colourpop

From neutral nine-shade to glorious mega 30-shade eyeshadow palettes with a rainbow of poppin’, vibrant hues, there’s no running out of choices from ColourPop’s eyeshadow collections.

But there’s nothing quite as special as being able to create your own customised eyeshadow palette with the shades that you can’t live without.

ColourPop’s Build Your Own Palette lets you choose from mattes, metallics, glitters, and duo-chromes. The Large Palette lets you put in 24 gorgeous shades, while the Small Palette can hold 12.

And, if there are some shades that you’ve been eyeing, then you might just be able to pop them right in without having to purchase a large palette for just one or two desired shades!

Get the ColourPop Build Your Own Palette in Large for US$45 (approximately S$62.48) or in Small for US$24 (approximately S$33.32) on ColourPop. Shipping is US$9.99 for orders under US$60, and orders over that amount get shipping for free.

Make Up For Ever Refillable Makeup Palette

customise makeup palettes singapore - make up for ever

Fit your favourite powders into Make Up For Ever’s customisable makeup palettes that are available in not just one, but four sizes.

You can fill the palettes with pressed eyeshadow powders, but also with (larger) face powders such as blush, bronzer, or foundation.

customise makeup palettes singapore - make up for ever (1)

The small palette lets you put in either one face powder refill or two eyeshadow refills at one time. The largest palette lets you customise it with anything from six powder eyeshadows to a combination of two shadow refills and two face powder refills.

Get Make Up For Ever Refillable Makeup Palette for S$4 to S$8 on Sephora. Artist Colour Shadow Refills are available for S$24 per shade on Sephora, and Artist Face Colors Pressed Powder for S$32 on Sephora or Zalora.

MAC Cosmetics Custom Palette

customise makeup palettes singapore - mac

MAC Cosmetics’ Custom Palettes lets you curate creamy eyeshadows, concealers, and blushes – and, there are so many sizes as well as style options to help you make the palette truly your own.

Whether you need a simple two-shade or nine-shade makeup palette, you’ll be able to find a MAC Custom Palette to fill up. Simply snap the blush and shadow refills into the magnetised palettes, and voilà.


  • MAC Cosmetics Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 2 for S$8 on Selfridges
  • MAC Cosmetics Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4 for S$8 on Selfridges
  • MAC Cosmetics Pro Palette x 9 for S$4 on Selfridges
  • MAC Cosmetics Pro Palette Refills starting from S$15.50 on Selfridges

Anastasia Beverly Hills Magnetic Palette

customise makeup palettes singapore - abh

What’s special about Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Magnetic Palette is that you can put as many or as few single eyeshadow powders into it, and arrange them however you like.

There are no compartments for you to fit your eyeshadow refills into; instead, the strong magnetic base of the palette lets you snap on your desired shades freely.

customise makeup palettes singapore - anastasia

Holographic Cheetah design.

Reviewers adore the brand’s Limited-Edition Magnetic Case which is available in four designs: Yellow Glitter, Pink Glitter, Holographic Cheetah, and Purple Zebra.


Anastasia Beverly Hills offers free international shipping on orders over US$100. Orders under that amount will have a shipping fee of US$20.

Shu Uemura Custom Case

customise makeup palettes singapore - shu umera

Photo source: Bubbly Michelle

Imagine your go-to blendable eyeshadows, all in one ultra-compact makeup case. That’s what you get with the Shu Uemura Custom Case that combines customisability with easy-to-use functionality.

Shu Uemura’s custom cases come in different sizes, including quads and duos. The quad lets you fit four Pressed Eyeshadow Refills or two Face Colour Blush Refill; while the duo lets you fit two Pressed Eyeshadow Refills or one Face Colour Blush Refill.

Instead of using magnets to fasten the refills, the Custom Case had a slide-out panel that allows you to easily slip the refills in, and then slide it shut. It’s a secure, compact, and eco-friendly design!


  • Shu Uemura Custom Case (Quad) for S$22 on Sephora
  • Shu Uemura Custom Case (Duo) for S$22 on Sephora
  • Shu Uemura Pressed Eye Shadow Refill for S$25 each on Sephora
  • Shu Uemura Face Colour Blush Refill for S$33 each on Sephora

Kjaer Weis The Collector’s Kit

customise makeup palettes singapore - the collector's kit

Kjaer Weis was the first luxury beauty brand to introduce refillable packaging when it launched in 2010.

Thanks to the brand’s commitment to sustainability, you can own its absolutely beautiful compacts, which can be topped up again and again, whether it’s blush, foundations, or mascaras.

But, at the pinnacle of it all, is The Collector’s Kit. This is one of the most luxurious customisable makeup palettes on our list, and it has space for six essential products!

Fill the elegant compact with everything from cream foundation to lip balm. Complete with a mirror, the compact also lets you effortlessly touch up your makeup when you’re on the go.


  • Kjaer Weis The Collector’s Kit for US$68.87 (approximately S$96) on Net-A-Porter
  • Kjaer Weis refills from Net-A-Porter

Surratt Petite Palette

customise makeup palettes singapore - surratt

This palette may be petite, but it’s customisable to a large degree! One Petite Palette has room for four Surratt Artistique Eyeshadows, two Surratt Artistique Blushes, or a combination of both.

The stunning range of colours for eyeshadow and blush also means that you can keep switching things up until you find the colours that work best for you.


Adept Cosmetics The Adept Palette

customise makeup palettes singapore - adept

Makeup junkies, if you need a palette to fit an arsenal of depotted eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzers that you just can’t do without, then Adept Cosmetics’ The Adept Palette is the one for you.

The Adept Palette is a huge makeup palette that can hold over 100 standard size, round eyeshadow pans, over 95 26.7mm round pans, and so forth.

The palette opens up so that you can attach your eyeshadow pans to the “floor” and “ceiling” of the palette; in the middle, there’s a clear divider so that the powders won’t blend or get dirtied when you close the palette.

customise makeup palettes singapore - adept cosmetics

While Adept Cosmetics doesn’t retail their own single eyeshadow pans, you’re free to organise the cosmetics from your favourite brands all in one place, as long as the pans are made with a magnetic metal.

A makeup lover’s dream palette, The Adept Palette lets you finally customise a myriad of shades – no holding back!

Get ​​Adept Cosmetics The Adept Palette for S$52.49 on Amazon.

Salt New York The Palette

customise makeup palettes singapore - the salt new york

Salt New York is a brand that focuses on creating sustainable beauty products – and how do they do that? With their iconic refillable, customisable palette. It’s called The Palette and it comes in two sizes: large and mini.

If you’re looking for readily-curated makeup palettes, you won’t find them at Salt New York, because this beauty brand only sells refills that are meant to be housed in the one palette that they have, The Palette.

The Large Palette can fit up to eight pans of Crème Tint Pro, with room for a small brush or tool, and The Mini Palette can hold up to four pans of Crème Tint Pro.

And, when we say Crème Tint Pro, we’re referring to their blush, bronze cream tint formulas, skin balms, and more, that you can mix and match in your palette.

Unfortunately, Salt New York doesn’t currently ship to Singapore due to the pandemic, but you can keep an eye out for updates on their website, just like we’re doing.

Check out Salt New York’s customisable palette and refills here.

Feature image credit: Salt New York, Kjaer Weis

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