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Follow the white rabbit into Wonderland and you’ll meet this gorgeous new lipstick collection by Cute Rumor. You might be spurred into an impromptu game of chess using these lipsticks inspired by the whimsical nature of Alice in Wonderland.

Dressed in solid colours of red, black, and white, these lipsticks come in two main designs: a black lop-eared rabbit and a white rabbit. The grey lop-eared rabbit and the Cheshire Cat designs are both limited edition designs that are part of exclusive sets.

Play around with these shades named after desserts and teas, so you will be ready for the Mad Hatter’s tea party!

The white rabbit range, or ‘Mirror’ line, has six glossy shades of cherry red and vivid pink. If you like an MLBB (My Lips But Better) hue, try the Cinnamon Gold Tea shade.

The black rabbit range, or ‘Velvet’ line, features six matte shades of peach, coral, and red. If you’re not one for a glossy finish, these would be better suited for you. Wear it sheer for a natural look or layer on more coats for a bolder, more pigmented lip.

Not sure which shade to pick? You may want to start by choosing your favourite tea or dessert!

Cute Rumor lipsticks are available on Shopee from S$33.76.

Featured image credit: Cute Rumor’s Twitter and Jumei