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“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Well, maybe not on the wall, but rather in the palm of your hand. Yup, we’re talking about compact mirrors.

They are perfect for checking on or touching up your makeup after removing your mask. And nowadays, you can find all sorts of compact mirrors in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are even made to look like a cookie or laptop.

Ahead, we gathered some of the cutest compact mirrors that will put a smile on your face every time you whip them out.

1. LED magnifying compact mirror and power bank

Complete with three different features, this compact mirror is everything you never knew you needed. Upon opening the compact, the LED feature will automatically light up, allowing for touch-ups anywhere you are no matter how dim your surroundings may be.

The compact also includes doubles up as a power bank, so you can charge your iPhone, Android, or any other USB charged devices.

Retails for S$18.88 at Lazada.

2. Warning sign-shaped compact mirror

This adorably shaped compact mirror is one we all recognise from public areas with wet floors. You can even customise the mirror by putting a photo of your choice into the compartment behind the mirror.

Retails from S$14.08 at YesStyle.

3. Mocho mini hairbrush compact mirror

Calling all BTS fans! Get yourself a BT21-themed compact mirror of your favourite character today. On top of being incredibly eye-catching and cute, these compacts also come with a mini hairbrush, making them very travel-friendly.

Retails for S$1.85 at Shopee.

4. Olivia Burton rainbow compact mirror

As part of their latest collection, Olivia Burton has released this shimmery rainbow ombre compact mirror, and has the brand’s signature bee atop the case. It’s perfect for anyone looking for just a little bit of sparkle.

Retails for S$51 at Cocomi.

5. Crocodile / frog faux leather compact mirror

Since they’re made from faux leather, these adorable compact mirrors are perfect for any vegans out there. You can choose from two different designs: a green frog and a champagne-coloured crocodile.

Retails for S$41.03 at YesStyle.

6.  3-in-1 mini pig compact mirror

Complete with a mini fan on top, this piggy compact mirror is perfect for our hot and humid weather. You get to cool yourself down before or after touching up your makeup – what could be better?

As soon as you open the compact, the LED light turns on, allowing you to do your makeup in the best possible lighting. You will never need to worry about buying batteries because the compact can be easily charged with a USB charger.

Retails for S$5.46 at Lazada.

7. Cookie compact mirror

This cookie compact mirror is bound to make you feel like a snacc while you admire yourself in it. While also being very eye-catching, it is really useful as it contains a mini comb inside. You get to choose your favourite cookie “flavour” from three different coloured compacts.

Retails at S$1.30 on Lazada.

8. Laptop compact mirror

This compact is perfect for all you workaholics out there who are constantly on your laptops. The only difference is that the screen of this laptop is a mirror, so you can get one to match your actual laptop.

Retails at S$3.64 on Shopee.

9. Seashell compact mirror

This seashell-shaped compact mirror will have you transported under the sea. It has a gorgeous iridescent shimmer on the surface and upon opening it, you’ll be greeted with a dual mirror. This compact is available in three different colours.

Retails at S$3.90 at Shopee.

10. Dumpling compact mirror

This adorable dumpling compact mirror is perfect for all the food-loving Singaporeans out there. Even better, it’s made of faux leather and is pocket-sized, so you can bring it everywhere with you.

Retails for S$16.23 at YesStyle.

11. Card Captor Sakura compact mirror

Fans of the anime Sakura Card Captor, this one’s for you! Get your hands on these detailed compact mirrors, designed to look just like the cards from the anime. You’ll be able to channel your very own inner Sakura every time you go to take a look at yourself in this mirror.

Retails for S$20.06 at Lazada.

12. Cat paw compact mirror

This cat paw-shaped compact mirror is purr-fect for keeping in your bag or pocket.

Retails for S$17.03 at YesStyle.

13. Drifting glitter compact mirror

This drifting glitter mirror is absolutely mesmerising, with three different colours to choose from. It is complete with a double-sided mirror with one being a regular mirror and the other being a 2X magnifying mirror.

It is made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about rust. It is also lightweight and great for keeping in your bag or pocket.

Retails for S$17.03 at YesStyle.

14. Chocolate compact mirror

This chocolate compact mirror will have you craving for some chocolate. You can even choose your favourite “flavour” of chocolate from the three different shades available.

Retails for S$2.90 at  Lazada.

15. Sailor Moon compact mirror

Live out your very own Sailor Moon dreams with this Sailor Moon compact mirror. It is complete with a double-sided mirror – one side is a regular mirror and the other is a magnifying mirror.

Retails for S$37.95 at Lazada.

16. Classic compact mirror

This one is perfect for those who love all things vintage. This compact mirror has a simple metallic finish, but has a lightweight frame that slides perfectly into your pocket.

Retails for S$17.57 at YesStyle.

17. Cherry compact mirror

This cherry compact is complete with a double-sided mirror – one side’s a regular mirror and the other is a magnifying mirror. It is also covered in PU leather for extra protection.

Retails for S$12 at Lazada.

18. Snoopy compact mirror

If round compact mirrors aren’t really up your street, why not try these square compact mirrors out instead? This square compact also comes with a double-sided mirror and is dressed in PU leather for extra protection.

Retails for $S2.80 at Lazada.

19. Rose compact mirror

The last couple of compacts have been 2D, but why not give these 3D rose-shaped compact mirrors a go? You can even choose from three different shades.

Retails for S$1.40 at Lazada.

20. Heart-shaped compact mirror

This double mirror compact has a cute illustration of a pair of cherries on the case. We love how adorable the red heart-shaped design is too.

Retails for S$2.08 at Lazada.