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Daiso is a shopping paradise stocked with almost any product you can think of, and all at just SGD2 each. The Japanese company, which owns a chain of stores all over the world, also sells an array of beauty products at the same affordable price.

Japanese national broadcaster NHK reports that three of their products are found to contain cancer-causing formaldehyde, and this does not meet health requirements. The products are EverBilena Gray Hair Cover Up in Black, Dark Brown, and Brown. These products “touch-up pens” for application on strands of hair that have turned grey and instantly transform their colour to the pigment from the pen.

Daiso Cancer Causing Products

This range of products are produced by Sunpalko, a cosmetic company based in Tokyo, but are manufactured in a Taiwanese factory. The inspection that discovered the presence of the harmful ingredient is initiated by Sunpalko.

Daiso and Sunpalko told NHK that they have not received any complaints about the products from consumers, but have advised consumers to refrain from using them. These three touch-up pens have been sold in Daiso since December 2012 and 2,000,000 units have been sold so far in Japan.

While there is no announcement about the recall on Daiso’s website or Facebook page, Singapore’s Lianhe Wanbao reports that Daiso Singapore has already removed the products from their shelves since last Wednesday. Daiso Singapore’s representatives said that they received the news to stop selling the products on Wednesday but was not given the actual reason for the recall.