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Exciting news for Singapore’s beauty enthusiasts! Dasique, the highly anticipated TikTok-viral K-Beauty brand, has finally arrived.

With their extensive range of high-quality makeup products, Dasique will be taking your beauty routine to new heights.

Offering up to 25% off selected items and exclusive gift-with-purchases, this is a makeup extravaganza you don’t want to miss, so make sure to head over to Takashimaya Guardian from now to 9 August to indulge in the latest K-beauty trends.

Discover the collections


Dasique has brought some of their most stunning collections to Singapore, curating a diverse range of makeup products to meet your every need. Let’s look at some of their most popular collections!

TikTok Viral Berry Smoothie collection


This collection instantly captivated the internet with its irresistible berry shades and adorable packaging that will melt your heart.

One product, in particular, caused a sensation on TikTok – the Dasique Shadow Palette 18 Berry Smoothie with its expanded range of 18 coloured shades, a remarkable upgrade from their usual nine-colour palette.

Despite the increased shade variety, it retains the same compact packaging, making it a perfect companion for on-the-go makeup enthusiasts.

The Berry Smoothie palette boasts cooler tones in pink and purple hues, making it an absolute dream come true for those with cool-toned complexions!

Dasique Shadow Palette 18 Berry Smoothie retails at S$33.10 (15% off) and is available at Guardian.

Irresistible Butter Cream collection


Prepare to be charmed by the adorable and realistic butter packaging of Dasique’s Butter Cream collection. While it may look tempting, remember that it’s not actual butter!

Instead, this collection offers a delightful range of products, from buttery eyeshadows to velvety lipsticks, that will transform you into a delectable treat.

The Butter Cream collection showcases a selection of warm and creamy shades that are perfect for achieving soft and dreamy makeup looks, reminding us of a warm embrace.

Among the standout products is the highly sought-after Dasique Cream de Butter Tint, loved for its velvety soft texture and non-drying matte finish. And the good news is, Guardian carries three of their best-selling shades:

  • 2 Salted Butter: This soft and warm coral beige shade exudes an autumn mood, adding a gentle touch of warmth to your complexion.
  • 3 Caramel Brick: Lighten up your skin tone with this vibrant orange brick colour that brings a lively and energetic vibe to your look!
  • 4 Cotton Plum: If you have cooler skin tones, this soft plum red shade with an elegant hint of grey is perfect for you!

Dasique Cream de Butter Tint retails at S$17.80 (15% off) and is available at Guardian.

Oh-So-Popular Knit collection


Wrap yourself in the comforting embrace of the Knit Collection, drawing inspiration from the cosy textures of knitted fabrics.

What sets the Knit Collection apart is its versatile colour palette, offering options for both warm and cool tones in both eyeshadow palettes and blushers.

This ensures that you can achieve a natural look tailored to your skin tone, with the perfect palette at your disposal. Whether you lean towards warm or cool tones, the Knit Collection has you covered!

Dasique Shadow Palette 15 Beige Knit and 16 Violet Knit retails at S$29.20 (25% off) and is available at Guardian.

Dasique Blending Mood Cheek 4 Beige Knit and 5 Violet Knit retails at S$22 (15% off) and is available at Guardian.

The new Peach Squeeze collection


Prepare yourself for the delightful sweetness of summer with the highly anticipated Peach Squeeze Collection. This collection is an absolute must-have for all the peachy makeup enthusiasts out there.

Designed to capture the essence of a juicy peach, the Peach Squeeze Collection is all about fresh and fruity tones that will leave you feeling vibrant and radiant!

Dasique Shadow Palette 14 Peach Squeeze


This all-in-one eyeshadow palette features nine lovely and delightful coral colours, reminiscent of freshly squeezed peach juice.

The palette offers the perfect shades for base, blending, eyeliner, and even gorgeous pearl toppers, all in an ultra-smooth texture with its high-pigmentation and minimal chalkiness!

Dasique Shadow Palette 14 Peach Squeeze retails at S$29.20 (25% off) and is available at Guardian.

Dasique Blending Mood Cheek 3 Peach Blending


If you’re looking to add a touch of peachy goodness to your cheeks, the Dasique Blending Mood Cheek 3 Peach Blending is the perfect companion.

Its silky formulation ensures seamless blending, while the colour adheres lightly to the skin, creating a clear and natural look without any stickiness.

This coral-like blush will give your cheeks a fresh and youthful appearance!

Dasique Blending Mood Cheek 3 Peach Blending retails at S$22 (15% off) and is available at Guardian.

Dasique Water Blur Tint


For lips that exude the sweetness of a peach, the Dasique Water Blur Tint is an absolute must-try.

Its lightweight and watery formula effortlessly glides onto your lips, creating a silky and creamy finish. What’s more, this weightless texture will fill in lip wrinkles, leaving you with a flawless and smooth appearance!

The Dasique Water Blur Tint is available in three beautiful colour finishes:

  • 2 Just Peach: This soft orangey hue beautifully enhances your natural loveliness.
  • 3 Peach Ade: For an MLBB (my lips but better) effect, this light muted pink shade is perfect for that subtle and natural flush.
  • 4 Rosy Coral: Add a touch of sophistication with the elegant coral shade of Rosy Coral.

Dasique Water Blur Tint retails at S$16.90 (15% off) and is available at Guardian.

Special discounts and free gifts


To make your shopping experience even more delightful, here’s what you can look forward to from now to 9 August:

  • Up to 25% Off  all Dasique items
  • Receive a FREE Dasique eyeshadow brush worth S$20 and enjoy a Beauty Puff Buffet experience with a minimum S$50 purchase, while stocks last!

What are you waiting for? Make your way to Takashimaya Guardian now to immerse yourself in the world of Dasique!