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Getting our makeup done is much like constructing a building: the outcome of our entire look hinges on the quality of our makeup base just like how a structural foundation can make or break a skyscraper.

And as we seek out more tips and tricks to help us look good without piling on too much product on the face, beauty brands are also taking notes of our ever-evolving demands to innovate even the most essential of products.

Dior Face And Body Powder No Powder Closed

At Dior, the basic makeup product that’s getting a major upgrade this season is the face powder. The French maison recently announced the creation of the Face & Body Powder-no-Powder, a new addition to Dior’s professional, customisable range that is Dior Backstage.

Always eager to share his pro backstage makeup secrets (this was also part of his motivation to develop Dior Backstage), creative and image director of Dior Makeup Peter Philips is once again inspired by his work behind the scenes at the runway shows to create a multi-functional yet easy-to-use expert powder formula.

Watch Philips’ quick explanation of the brand new powder in the clip below.


“Powder is a well-known product, essential for a makeup artist,” Philips explains in a press release. “But sometimes, it can leave a powdery finish on the skin. And so I wanted a different, modern texture, that would provide a new sensation and a new makeup result.

The Face & Body Powder-no-Powder has a really thin texture, it blurs imperfections, evens out complexion, and maintains the spirit of the light beauty look, with a matte luminous finish, that fits the spirit of the Dior Backstage line. It can be used alone, as a bronzer or combined with the Face & Body Foundation.”

Dior Face And Body Powder No Powder Open

What that means is that the product – labelled as “a multi-purpose powder without powder” – works more than just a traditional face powder. In fact, it pulls double duty as a matte finishing powder and a bronzer, depending on your makeup needs.

As it mattifies and blurs imperfections, seamlessly evening out the complexion, the powder drapes a luminous, undetectable veil over the skin for the most beautiful and natural no-makeup makeup look.

How is the Dior Backstage Face & Body Powder-no-Powder a “powder without powder”? Well, it’s all thanks to a patented technology that infuses a transparent gel base with soft-focus pigments that instantly erase imperfections and mattify the complexion, while mother-of-pearl micro-particles help emphasise and naturally highlight radiance for a genuine second-skin feeling.

Designed without the addition of talc or mica, this patented gel-based powder delivers a weightless, non-powdery finish that always looks au naturel. The product is even said to leave skin looking beautiful with a luminous, natural matte finish even if you go for several rounds of touch-ups throughout the day.

Dior Face And Body Powder No Powder With Foundation Brush

To match the Face & Body Foundation range, there’s a total of seven shades (0N to 6N) in the collection to suit every skin tone. Dior even gave the packaging some extra thought too, encasing the formula in a practical, transparent packaging that leaves the powder visible, so that you can instantly choose your perfect shade.

Serving as the perfect ally of the Face & Body Foundation, the Dior Backstage Face & Body Powder-no-Powder also comes with the all-new Foundation Brush N°18, created out of Philips’ admiration for Japanese makeup brushes.

“I love Japanese brushes. They are great quality and are truly an integral part of the makeup routine and are just as important as the products,” he shares in the press release.

“The Foundation Brush N°18 is inspired by this philosophy. Applying Powder-no-Powder with it is quite simply fantastic and it reinforces the idea of a sublime and natural second skin – it’s a caress.”

To emulate a gentle caress on the skin, the brush features extremely soft, short synthetic bristles that supposedly delivers the powder evenly. With ultra-dense structure, it’s said to be able to pick up a maximum amount of powder in a single sweep.

Designed to be easy to hold, the brush has a curved shape that helps you apply the Dior Backstage Face & Body Powder-no-Powder swiftly and efficiently. Its small size means it can easily accompany the Face & Body Powder-no-Powder case everywhere.

Dior Face And Body Powder No Powder Group

What do you think about a gel-based face powder? Do you think the technology is the real deal or just another gimmick?

One thing’s for sure, though: It looks like the face powder is making a comeback this year, and if it looks this good, we think it’s definitely here to stay.

The Dior Backstage Face & Body Powder-no-Powder retails for S$65 and is available in a total of seven shades. Meanwhile, the Dior Backstage Foundation Brush N°18 retails for S$83. Both products will be available at all Dior boutiques and counters from 1 March.