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Whether it’s damage, dryness, a greasy scalp, flakes, or frizz, we all run into hair issues. Our hair habits, environmental elements, and heat styling tools are just some of the culprits that can cause these changes.

With more and more people hopping onto the TikTok trend of creating DIY hair masks as a natural alternative to rescue their locks, our first course of action may be to whip up one at home to tackle our mane concerns. After all, everyday ingredients like lemon, avocado, and vegetable oils are likely sitting in our pantry, so we can create our very own hair mask in no time.

But how effective are DIY hair masks, and can they actually bring about more harm than good? Ahead, Daily Vanity will be setting the record straight.

Are DIY hair masks really effective?

A lot of food-grade ingredients in the kitchen are nourishing and moisturising for your hair. Plus, you’ll know exactly what your DIY hair mask is made of since you’re concocting it yourself.

However, the drawback of a DIY hair mask is figuring out which ingredients work best for your specific hair type, and that could take plenty of trial and error.

diy hair mask lemon

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The DIY method is particularly tricky for those with sensitive scalps. Citrus fruits in DIY hair masks can cause skin irritation due to their high acidity levels, possibly triggering redness and rashes.

In addition, lemons contain psoralen, which can increase light sensitivity and lead to blisters or discolouration when exposed to sunlight too soon after. What’s worse, citrus can also cause your hair colour to fade faster, so it’s best to steer clear.

diy hair mask spices

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Spices like nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon used in DIY hair masks can cause redness and irritation to the scalp. It’s also best to be careful when using ingredients like blueberries or turmeric since they contain strong natural pigments.

When they’re left on the skin longer than they should, they can stain the scalp, hairline, and neck. Turmeric is also known to leave an orange hue that doesn’t wash out easily.

What’s more, your DIY hair mask could weigh your hair down with excess buildup due to heavier, richer ingredients like avocado, coconut, and olive oils. Not only are they messy to work with and tough to rinse out, but they could affect the cleanliness and balance of your scalp too.

A better alternative to DIY hair masks

diy hair mask do they work

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DIY hair masks may present a whole host of issues that could worsen your hair condition, so if you’re looking for an equally sustainable but more effective solution, turn to the new Diane Be True haircare range.

The cruelty-free, superfood-powered collection is gentle on your locks and doesn’t skimp on quality, so you can experience great results with the natural ingredients you love.

Here’s everything you need to know about your new haircare BFFs.

Ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced

Mindfully created, Diane Be True promises to be the cleaner choice by sourcing its ingredients ethically and sustainably.

diy hair mask prickly pear

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Prickly pear (a type of cactus), which can be found in Diane’s Be True Damage Repair range, is harvested in Morocco. That’s all thanks to the Green Moroccan Plan promoted by the government, which is aimed at increasing regional economic growth and the income of farmers who cultivate this ingredient, promoting the long-term sustainability of the agricultural sector.

The strained sediment of prickly pear is also used as a fertiliser, so no part of the plant is wasted.

diane be true ranges

If you’re conscious about the packaging of your beauty products, we’ve got great news to share. Diane Be True’s bottles are made from 96% recycled plastic, so your planet-conscious consumption doesn’t have to be headache-inducing.

Diane Be True is a haircare range that’s certainly making the most promising headway in eco-beauty, and you can now reap the beauty benefits of superfoods with minimal effort.

Leave the food-grade produce in the kitchen and pick up a haircare duo that’s tailored for your hair concerns!

Diane Be True range uses vegan, superfood ingredients

Keratin is a structural protein found in our hair, skin, and nails, but external aggressors such as UV exposure and air pollution can deplete this building block.

diane be true damage peas

This is why Diane Be True uses Vegan Keratin that’s extracted from peas to rebuild the strength of every strand.

diane be true damage repair range

Organic Botanical Oils and Extracts are also specially selected to help nourish and feed your hair with key nutrients, so they’ll be stronger and more resilient to environmental stressors. The Diane Be True Damage Repair [HEALTHY] Shampoo and Treatment are infused with Basil and Avocado Extracts, which gently cleanse and moisturise your tresses.

Basil Extract boasts antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that support thinning hair follicles. Meanwhile, Avocado Extract is rich in oleic acid and vitamin D, which penetrate deep within the hair shaft to lock in the nourishment. Together, they replenish lost moisture for stronger hair, thereby repairing damage and preventing brittleness.

diy hair mask diane be true shampoo

Besides that, Diane Be True’s scents are also made from an upcycled flavouring agent that’s extracted from roses. After the essential oils have been extracted from the rose, the filtrate (i.e. Rose Water) is usually disposed of. To reduce wastage, the Rose Water is reused as the foundation of the scents in Diane Be True products!

You’ll feel instantly refreshed after taking a whiff of the basil-infused, fruity aroma as you’re lathering up with the Be True Damage Repair [HEALTHY] range.

diane be true smooth repair range

Diane’s Be True Smooth Repair [RELAX] range, on the other hand, contains superfoods like Kale and Quinoa, which replenish hydration and repair wavy, unruly hair.

These two ingredients are most commonly found in our grain bowls as they pack a nutritious punch, but that doesn’t mean our hair should feel left out, which is why the brand has incorporated them into the Diane Be True range.

Kale is packed with vitamins A, C, and K, in addition to beta carotene, omega-3s, and folate, which smooth frizziness and flyaways, keeping the hair hydrated. These vitamins stimulate the scalp to promote elasticity and hair growth as a whole too.

Thanks to its high levels of vitamin E, humectants, and other antioxidants, Quinoa extract can repel free radicals, the harmful molecules that damage your hair. It also smooths the cuticle to support natural curls and eliminate frizz.

diy hair mask diane be true scent

These formulas are further boosted by Organic Almond Oil, which envelopes each strand with moisture for smooth, straight, manageable locks that you can run your fingers through with ease.

This duo is fragranced with a succulent blend of juicy grapefruit and fresh green vegetables, so you’ll feel energised each time you shampoo.

Try Diane’s Be True range yourself to experience the difference.

Diane Be True Damage Repair [HEALTHY] and Smooth Repair [RELAX] Shampoo and Treatment retail for S$14.90 (400ml) each, available at Watsons and Fairprice stores as well as online on Watsons, Shopee, and Lazada official stores.

This article is brought to you by Moist Diane. 

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