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Turmeric is one of the most raved about ingredients when it comes to skincare.

And it isn’t surprising, considering that turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it ideal for soothing blemished and irritated skin.

This is probably why it is found in several popular DIY mask recipes and you see many people sharing their raving reviews of it.

But things didn’t go so well for one Tik Tok user from Scotland, who shared the unfortunate story of how she stained her face yellow after doing a DIY turmeric mask.

Turmeric Mask Yellow Face 1

In her Tik Tok video (we shared it below), which has received more than 1.3 million views, Lauren Jay Rennie shared that she had been suffering from severe breakouts but wanted to avoid squeezing the zits. Upon researching ways she can get rid of them and improve her skin condition, she came across DIY turmeric masks and thought it was a great idea because she could literally make it from her own kitchen.

After applying the DIY mixture onto her face, she noticed that her hand had been stained bright yellow. It was then that she realised the scary truth: she was going to “resemble the moon”.

No surprises there: the Tik Tok user washed off the mixture to reveal a bright yellow-stained face.

Turmeric Mask Yellow Face 2

While she managed to wash most of it off later, she reported that her face was still noticeably yellow.

You can watch her video here:

@laurenjrennieIt’s the ✨chaos✨ for me, how’s your Friday? #fyp #scottishtiktok #funny

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How to prevent turmeric staining your face yellow in a DIY mask

This doesn’t mean that you’d have to avoid turmeric in your DIY masks. You just need to take note of these tips:

  • Use only a tiny pinch of turmeric. It shouldn’t “look” bright yellow in your mixture
  • Some beauty enthusiasts who have been doing their own turmeric masks say that adding some yogurt or honey can help to prevent stains
  • Others say that adding flour can also prevent staining

How to remove turmeric stains from skin and nails

Let’s say you’ve found this article too late and have already stained your face or hands yellow with turmeric. Try these tricks:

  • Reverse the damage quickly. The faster you do it, the more likely you’ll be able to get rid of the stain
  • Lemon juice can help. But note that this can be irritating to your skin so don’t use too much of it and consider doing a patch test first to make sure you don’t react to the acidic juice of lemons. Also, avoid sunlight while you still have lemon juice on your skin or you may risk suffering from chemical burns.
  • You can couple the washing with a gentle scrub, for example by using a washcloth

Note that it may take a few days for the stains to go away completely because turmeric stains can be really stubborn. If you’ve tried these and they still don’t come off completely, your best bet will be to wait it out and to cover up with makeup.