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If you thought Don Don Donki’s low prices meant low-quality products, you thought wrong. This department store brings in a wide range of stellar beauty products from Japan at affordable prices, and some of their formulas have been highly raved about by returning customers.

However, you might get dizzy from browsing Don Don Donki’s catalogue because there are so many products to consider. But not to worry, we’re sharing a compiled list of bestselling makeup, skincare, haircare, and bodycare so you can navigate Don Don Donki’s beauty section with ease.

Here are all the hidden gems that need to be on your radar!

Best Don Don Donki beauty products: Makeup removal

Jonetsu Kakaku Pure Cleansing Aqua Water

If you’re someone who wears light makeup, this makeup remover is perfect for you. It is a water-based makeup cleanser that will gently cleanse away your makeup while hydrating your skin all at once, so your skin won’t feel tight and dry after rinsing it off.

A satisfied Shopee customer a*****t rated it a five stars and said, “Happy to get this online as it has been OOS in stores for a while now. More expensive than I remember it to be in the shop ($7++ quite a while back?), but it’s still more affordable and as effective as another brand.”

Jonetsu Kakaku Pure Cleansing Aqua Water retails for S$10.90 on Shopee.

Jonetsu Kakaku Premium Cleansing Liquid/Oil

Need something stronger for makeup removal? This cleansing oil will do the trick. This product is a great choice if you’re someone who has trouble removing heavy-duty makeup like mascara or waterproof eyeliners.

This oil has mild acidity that won’t disrupt your skin’s pH as you cleanse. Plus, the inclusion of jojoba oil will leave your skin feeling moisturised and hydrated. It even has a pleasant aromatic rose essential oil scent.

Jonetsu Kakaku Premium Cleansing Liquid/Oil retails for S$7.90 on Shopee.

Best Don Don Donki beauty products: Skincare

Cocochi AG Ultimate Mask

The AG Ultimate Mask is an essence mask that doubles up as a moisturiser. It contains stem cell-derived ingredients that will naturally moisturise your skin. On top of that, it also strengthens your skin’s defence system against UV rays.

You can even use this sheet mask daily if you’d like to! One Amazon customer said it hydrated her skin well and that she noticed a glowing complexion as well as a more even skin tone after using it.

Cocochi AG Ultimate Mask retails for S$29.90 (Ultimate Mask Care) and S$33.90 (Facial Essence Mask) on Shopee.

Tsubuporori Memoto Onwakan Eye Cream

Whether you’re a night owl or not, panda eyes are not the only issues you might be facing with your under-eye area. The area below our eyes is extremely sensitive. If we neglect the skin there, we may get milia – dead skin cells that get clogged up by oil and impurities. This causes small white bumps to develop on our skin.

To tackle this issue, reach for this eye cream. It has a gel-like texture that may give you a warm tingling sensation after application. This tingling sensation is the cream’s reaction with our skin as it gets to work.

Shopee user w*****n rated it five starts and said, “Quite good as used for 3 days and noticed the fat granule on my cheek area has reduced in size.”

Plus, you won’t have to worry about dipping your finger into a pot as it comes in a soft fibre stick for easy, mess-free, hygienic application.

Tsubuporori Memoto Onwakan Eye Cream retails for S$26.90 on Shopee.

Akari The Stem Cell Skin Lotion

Want bouncy and moisturised skin? Akari has you covered with a lotion that has a high concentration of human stem cell and plant stem cell solution to give you plumper skin. On top of this, you’ll get a hydration boost with the apple cell extract that this product contains.

Amazon user ユキンコ777 rated this lotion five stars and said, “I like this product so much that I bulk buy them from Donki. During times when I’m under lots of stress I will have breakouts, but other than I don’t face any issues with this product. I feel like my pores are getting smaller.”

Akari The Stem Cell Skin Lotion retails for S$12.90 on Shopee.

BCL MOMOPURI Face Cleansing Gel

Momopuri is a popular collection in Japan and this face cleansing gel is one of its bestsellers. Featuring peach ceramic and lactic acid in its formula, it will cleanse your skin while leaving it fresh and bouncy.

It’s strong enough to remove makeup, but this gel is excellent as a daily cleanser to remove any impurities or excess oil on your skin after a long day.

Shopee user 3ay_oaipd1 rated it five stars and said that it’s effective and has a great texture.

BCL MOMOPURI Face Cleansing Gel retails for S$11.90 on Shopee.

Lip Care Treatment Lip Stick

This nourishing lip treatment is infused with botanical ingredients, such as grapeseed oil and olive fruit oil to alleviate dry, parched lips. Shea butter in the formula also deeply moisturises your lips for the softest pout.

You can use this lip treatment on its own as a lip balm, as a base before your lipstick, or even over your lipstick once it has dried for all day hydration and care.

Lip Care Treatment Lip Stick retails for S$7.90 on Shopee.

Best Don Don Donki beauty products: Haircare

Jonetsu Kakaku Horse Oil Shampoo/Conditioner

Don’t let the words “horse oil” turn you off! It may sound a bit icky but the horse oil in this shampoo is actually what makes this product work so effectively.

The horse oil this formula boasts will penetrate deep into your hair, and help to treat any damaged strands or follicles. The oil nourishes and gives your hair a boost in hydration so you’ll see sleeker, healthier hair.

Jonetsu Kakaku Horse Oil Shampoo/Conditioner retails for S$19.90 on Shopee.

Arumik Hair Oil


You can use this hair oil daily to improve your hair quality and moisturise your hair roots and tips, so say goodbye to damaged hair and hello to lustrous strands.

The baobab seed oil infused into its formula strengthens your hair, thanks to the high omega-3 fatty acid content of the oil. Meanwhile, squalane replenishes your hair’s natural oils for shinier, healthier tresses.

Shopee user bc4p76zlgy rated it five stars, saying that it is a great buy and that he/she had to buy it online because it was out of stock in physical stores.

Arumik Hair Oil/Milk retails for S$9.90 on Shopee.

Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask

Here is a hair mask you can use every day before your shower. It is a rinse-off hair treatment that will heal your hair from damage caused by humid weather, UV rays, and any harmful chemicals your hair has been exposed to.

Its formula contains seven ingredients that penetrate deep into your hair layers for a nourished and shiny appearance.

Royal jelly infuses moisture into your strands, while trehalose and sorbitol control that moisture and glutamic acid retains your hair colour. This way, the hair mask will preserve your gorgeous hair colour and keep your strands strong at the same time.

T** rated it five stars on the Watsons website and said, “Love this hair mask as it keeps my hair soft and smooth after use. Can feel the obvious difference before and after use. My hair seem to be less frizzy too.”

Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask retails for S$12.90 on Shopee.

Best Don Don Donki beauty products: Bodycare

Blenior Hair Removal Wax Strips Mix

If you’re looking for a quick hair removal method, these wax strips that Don Don Donki are what you need to add to cart.

You can use them on your face, legs, arms, bikini line, and back. We also like the aloe vera infused in the strips, which soothe sensitive skin after waxing.

Shopee user l*****t gave it a five-star rating and said that it is a product of good quality and was a repeated purchase for them.

Blenior Hair Removal Wax Strips Mix retails for S$13.90 on Shopee.

Samourai Woman Sparkling Bath Tablet

After a long day at work or school, our bodies may feel weary and aching. If you have a bathtub waiting for you at home, then you need to pick these up for your next soak.

This bath tablet is similar to bath bombs that turn your bath time into an aromatic and aesthetically pleasing one.

At a low price, you can treat your body to a nice bath full of soothing fragrance. These tablets will even turn your water pink or blue in colour which will definitely make bath time more enjoyable.

Samourai Woman Sparkling Bath Tablet retails for S$12.90 on Shopee.

Deoconc Body Medicated Deodorant Stick

Not a fan of heavy fragrances? This deodorant stick will do the trick! It has a light and fresh scent with a formula that will help prevent your underarm from perspiring.

This stick is excellent for those with sensitive skin as it doesn’t contain drying alcohol which could irritate delicate underarms.

It received a five-star rating from Shopee user s*****n who also commented that it is a good product that’s great for dry underarms.

Deoconc Body Medicated Deodorant Stick retails for S$9.90 on Shopee.

Featured image credit: Shopee.sgShopee.vn, and MoriMori