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Spotted at Jem’s Don Don Donki’s outlet down the skincare aisle, this “emotional cleansing water” has been raising the eyebrows of shoppers, even making its way to their official Facebook Page in a user’s post.

Credit: Don Don Donki/Facebook

Puzzled netizens took to the comments section to try and decipher the intended use of this peculiarly named product.

“What on earth is emotional cleansing? Lol. You buy and you start crying and feeling emo on whatever you are cleaning with,” one commented.

“It’s for when you kenna [emotional damage],” another wrote, referring to the viral meme.

“[It’s] perfect for daily depression,” someone else on Reddit commented.

SK-II is quaking.

Does it really cure your emotional pains?

Sadly, it turns out you’re still better off paying for therapy to tackle your mental health woes. The S$9.90 bottle offers only skincare benefits, and is actually an Emulsion Cleansing Lotion instead.

In case you’re unfamiliar, this product works similarly to micellar water, a type of cleanser that lifts the dirt and oils off your skin.

Credit: Rakuten Rakuma

There are two ways you can use it. Firstly, you can apply it in the mornings after cleansing and before applying your makeup. Simply spray it a couple of times all over your face before wiping it away with a cotton pad or rinsing it off with water.

This helps improve your skin translucency and the wear time of your makeup.

At night, spray it abundantly all over your face after removing your makeup. This gives your skin a more thorough cleanse, removing the excess sebum and dirt on your face.

One user also commented that it also helps to melt away the whiteheads and tighten your skin — though you’d have to purchase and try it for yourself to see if that’s truly the case.

We hope it works so well that you find yourself getting emotional.

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Featured image credit: Don Don Donki/Facebook and Rakuten Rakuma