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Those who grew up watching Doraemon, everyone’s favourite cat robot, want to own one. And now you can – in the form of beauty products!

In commemoration of the beloved manga-turned-anime series’ 50th anniversary this year, we’re sharing six beauty products featuring the titular character and telling you where you can get your hands on these adorable, limited edition Doraemon-inspired products.

Doraemon Cosmetics Featured Image

Source: MasumiNakajima (left) and MongRang (right).

1. Paul & Joe x Doraemon 2020


Featuring Doraemon and his sister Doraemi, this yellow-themed makeup collection is a must-have for all Doraemon fans.

The lip collection includes a melon bread scented Treatment Lipbalm (bottom right) infused with olive oil to keep your lips hydrated, and three unique looking Lipsticks (top left), which have the lip color in the center and lip base on the outside. These lipsticks come in a gorgeous gold ribbed tube in three different shades: Shiny yellow / vivid red, Blue / Pink, and Orange / Mauve which are sure to suit your everyday moods.

The three Lipsticks will retail as a set for ¥4,000 (S$52.08), while the Treatment Lipbalm will retail for ¥1,800 (S$23.44) per piece.

Besides its adorable and fun packaging, the Pressed Powder (top right, purple) and Powder Blush (top right, pink) also have a Doraemon and Doraemi outline imprinted on the powder itself! The Moisturising Foundation Primer (bottom left) features the cutest little Doraemi charm in an elegant, peach coloured bottle.

Not forgetting the star of the collection, the Reversible Pouch (bottom middle) has two different designs on the inside and outside, so you can switch it up whenever you feel like it!

The set will retail for ¥6,500 (S$84.42) on the Paul & Joe Beaute website from 1 November onwards in Japan. Keep a lookout for details on when they’re dropping the collection internationally!

2. Doraemon Face Pack

Doraemon Face Pack

Pamper yourself with this hydrating, yet adorable Doraemon Face Pack! This one-time-usage sheet mask contains glycerin to keep your skin feeling moist, and hydrolysed collagen which helps boost skin elasticity and make your skin more firm. Replicating all of Doraemon’s features, down to the iconic bell around his neck, this sheet mask is sure to make your masking experience a whole lot more fun!

The Doraemon Face Pack retails for US$11 at Japan Trend Shop.

3. Mongrang Doraemon Collection


Featuring pastel-coloured packaging and Doraemon prints, this cosmetics collection is too cute to resist. You can choose to get the collection as a 13-piece set (with a bonus tote bag included) for ฿1,699 (S$73.69), or individually. Here’s our breakdown of the various Doraemon makeup products from Mongrang!

Doraemon Mongrang Creamy Matte Lip Color

The Mongrang Creamy Matte Lip Color is available in 5 different shades and retails for ฿119 (S$5.18) per piece. Each shade features a different coloured cap and Doraemon in various kawaii poses!

Doraemon Mongrang 3 In 1 Jelly Tint Color

The Mongrang 3 In 1 Jelly Tint Color ฿139 (S$6.05) comes in two shades, and can be applied on your eyelids, cheeks, or lips to add a pop of colour to your look.

Doraemon Mongrang Silky Touch Compact Powder Spf 15 Pa+++ (1)

The Silky Touch Compact Powder SPF 15 PA+++ retails for ฿189 (S$8.23) and promises protection against the sun while also serving as a great base for your makeup. However do note that this compact powder is only available in a light beige and natural beige shade, so it may not be suitable for darker skin tones.

Doraemon Mongrang Eyebrow Auto Pencil

The collection also includes an everyday essential, the Mongrang Eyebrow Auto Pencil . Available in a dark brown and light brown shade, this affordable eyebrow pencil is priced at ฿129 (S$5.62).

Doraemon Mongrang Eyeliner Super Black

Featuring a hypersharp tip, the Eyeliner Super Black will line your eyes with a rich, black line that’s also waterproof! This liquid liner retails for ฿129 (S$5.62) on Mongrang’s Facebook page.

Shop the Mongrang Doraemon Collection here.

4. Doraemon 7-piece Makeup Brush Set

Doraemon 7 Pcs Makeup Brush Set

This blue and white Doraemon 7-piece Makeup Brush Set pays homage to the iconic character and even comes in an adorable and functional metal box with Doraemon on it. This set contains every brush you need for a full face of makeup- from the foundation, blush, highlight, concealer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner brushes.

The Doraemon 7-piece Makeup Brush Set retails for S$4.30 on Qoo10.

5. Senka x Doraemon Perfect Whip Cleanser


Formulated with Senka’s signature silk essence from white cocoons and double hyaluronic acid and enhanced with Shiseido’s unique moisture-boosting Aqua-In-Pool ingredient, the Doraemon 50th Limited Edition Facial Cleansing Foam will give your skin that extra moisture boost and strengthen your skin against day-to-day damage.

This is a collaboration that’s available outside of Japan and is available exclusively in Watsons and you’ll also receive a free bag when you purchase two of the product.

Available at Watsons for S$6.30.

6. Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon

Kosé Sekkisei X Doraemon

Well-known for combining oriental herbal ingredients into products that will make your skin glow, Kosé Sekkisei is turning their best-selling products into a Doraemon collab collection! Featuring the brand’s signature blue bottles and Doraemon prints, this skincare range is a must-have for both both Doraemon fans and beauty junkies alike!

Kosé Sekkisei X Doraemon White Washing Cream (1)

The Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon White Washing Cream is a creamy face wash formulated to clear old skin cells and sebum stains, leaving your skin fresh and hydrated.

The Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon White Washing Cream retails at ¥ 600 (S$7.82).

Kosé Sekkisei X Doraemon Medicated Lotion [quasi Drug]

What’s next in a skincare routine? Toner, of course! The Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon Medicated Lotion [Quasi-Drug] is a toner that contains oriental herbs like coix seed extract, loquat leaf extract, dioscorea panthaica extract, and mugwort extract, as well as an active anti-inflammatory ingredient – glycyrrhizic acid derivative. Apply this toner after cleansing and you’ll achieve soft and supple skin no matter the day-to-day damage your face has weathered through!

Don’t be put off by the name or ingredients just yet! In J-beauty, there is a type of skincare products known as ‘quasi-drugs’, which contain a certain concentration of ingredients that are approved by the health authorities.

The Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon Medicated Lotion [Quasi-Drug] retails at ¥ 920 (S$11.98).

Kosé Sekkisei X Doraemon Whitening Emulsion [quasi Drug] (1)

The Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon Whitening Emulsion [Quasi-Drug] helps maintains your skin’s ability to retain moisture with an easily-absorbed, non-sticky formula. Besides keeping your skin hydrated, the whitening emulsion also inhibits melanin production and prevents freckles, dark spots, and rough skin from long UV exposure.

Thee Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon Whitening Emulsion [Quasi-Drug] retails at ¥ 920 (S$11.98).

Shop the full set here on Shopee (S$90).