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We all know how important Vitamin C is for our skin. It’s actually one of those ingredients that have already been scientifically proven to slow down skin ageing by preventing oxidation.

Not only does it help with anti-ageing, Vitamin C can also help with brightening the skin and improving skin texture. Who would say no to that?

We were super happy to find out that the VC100 Essence Lotion from Dr.Ci:Labo has Vitamin C, and they’ve added it in abundance. Their star ingredient is a Vitamin C derivative named APPS, which is able to penetrate in high amounts into the skin.

Aside from that, they even have three types of Vitamin C and a “Citrus unshiu peel extract” which contributes even further to brightening the skin.

Dr Ci Labo Vc100 Essence Lotion Singapore

This is the VC100 Essence Lotion from Japanese cosmeceutical brand Dr.Ci:Labo. The brand was founded in 1999 by Dr. Yoshinori Shirono, one of the leading aesthetic doctors in Japan with experience in more than 50,000 dermatological laser surgeries.

Whether you want to brighten, firm, or hydrate your skin, the VC100 Essence Lotion literally has something in it for you.

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Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion is touted to be a “multi-essence lotion” that is richly nourishing like a serum, and also contains Vitamin C that is formulated such that it can be optimally absorbed by the skin.

In fact, it contains 200% concentration of the highly permeable Vitamin C derivative “APPS” which can target your skin concerns more specifically and effectively. The Vitamin C derivative in the VC100 Essence Lotion acts quickly, powerfully, and goes deeper to get to the root cause of your skin problems.

The star ingredient of the VC100 Essence Lotion is, of course, its Vitamin C, but Dr.Ci:Labo didn’t stop there. They also included high quality ingredients that are moisturising and which promote elasticity so that you get a holistic skincare treatment with one product. These ingredients include 3 types of collagen, 3 types of hyaluronic acid, antioxidant components like camellia leaf extract and CoQ10, as well as a patented complex called Lipidure which intensely hydrates the skin.

Do you have sensitive skin and are worried about the long list of ingredients? We also found out that the VC100 Essence Lotion has no perfumes, no colouring, no mineral oils, no parabens, and no alcohol. Its refreshing citrus scent is made from natural essential oils, a balance of grapefruit and orange, which can revitalise your senses and soothe your nerves. Can there be anything more perfect?

Dr.Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion retails for SGD83 (150ml) at Dr.Ci:Labo ION store (#B3-41) and on the Dr.Ci:Labo website.

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