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Storybook Cosmetics has done it again. They have previously impressed us with their range of Harry Potter-inspired wand brushes, and they have revealed that a range of dragon-inspired lipsticks will be coming very soon.

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The brand shared a few months ago on Instagram lipsticks with cases that have motifs that are reminiscent of dragon scales. Story Cosmetics said in the Instagram caption that these lipsticks will be available in Fall, and are “inspired by all of our fire breathing friends”. There are three lipsticks in all, and will come in silver, gold, and copper cases.

We’re not sure how many shades of lipsticks would be available, as they have only revealed it in a red shade.

Now that Game of Thrones is finally back, we thought that fans of Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, may want to get hold of one of these as a tribute to their favourite character.

There’s no news on the exact date of launch yet, but you can keep your eyes on them via Instagram to find out when they will drop.