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Thanks to all the celebrities and influencers normalising dermal fillers these days, getting injectables in your face (or other parts of your body) to look younger and perkier is no longer a big taboo that it once used to be.

However, traditional fillers are known to produce results that last no more than a year, which means you’d need frequent visits to the clinic for maintenance. But, there’s one in particular called Ellansé that promises longer-lasting results stretching anywhere from two to four years, making it a patient-friendly, cost-effective solution.

To learn everything there is to know about it, we check in with Dr. Wong Kee Seng, founder and medical director of Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic, who offers the Kowayo Ellansé Collagen Stimulator Treatment as one of his signature treatments.

What is Ellansé?

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Ellansé is a dermal filler made from micro-spheres of biomedical polycaprolactone that are suspended in a soft gel.

In other words, it is essentially a ‘medical polymer’ that possesses the capability to stimulate your body’s own natural collagen production and can be gradually absorbed by the body over time.

How does Ellansé work?

By working to reactivate your own network of collagen, Ellansé is able to help skin that is starting to lose laxity or has deeper-set wrinkles which are caused by a decrease of collagen due to age (or environmental factors).

The process of influencing the production of collagen in the skin is called neocollagenesis, which restores a more youthful and toned appearance of the skin, shares Dr. Wong.

How does Ellansé last longer than other dermal fillers?

how does ellanse last longer than other dermal fillers

Generally speaking, conventional dermal fillers last about 12 to 18 months but Ellansé can actually last from two to four years.

That’s because Ellansé has numerous microspheres in the injectable formula, and these microspheres are designed to dissolve at a slower pace than other dermal fillers.

Once Ellansé is injected into your skin, the filler molecules will start to dissolve progressively and “fill in” the empty spaces where your own collagen once was to begin stimulating the remaining collagen in your skin.

Ellansé’s longevity is also based on the length of the molecule chains that compose the microspheres – a longer molecule chain directly implies that the filler will last longer.

That said, how long your results will last depends on the type of Ellansé filler you have opted for after a thorough consultation with a doctor.

There are four types of Ellansé fillers to choose from.

  • Ellansé S: Lasts for a year, and is recommended for those getting fillers for the first time
  • Ellansé M: Lasts for two years, and is the most common option that patients will go for
  • Ellansé L: Lasts for three years
  • Ellansé E: Lasts for four years

What are the benefits of Ellansé?

benefits of ellanse dermal filler

First and foremost, it is more cost-effective since Ellansé produces results that last longer than other dermal fillers on the market – that means you won’t have to visit the clinic that often anymore for maintenance.

You could also probably tell by now that Ellansé offers more natural-looking results since it works by triggering your own natural collagen production in the body.

According to Dr. Wong, results will progressively appear within the next two to three months after the session.

However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t see any instant results. Immediately after getting the Ellansé filler, you can expect to see volumising, lifting, and tightening effects on the treated area.

Besides anti-ageing benefits, another advantage of Ellansé is skin texture improvement due to new collagen growth.

Which areas of my face can Ellansé be used on?

where to inject ellanse dermal filler photo source youssef labib unsplash

Photo source: Youssef Labib/Unsplash

Ellansé is developed to restore volume loss, reduce sagging, minimise wrinkles and fine lines, and improve skin texture to achieve a more youthful look.

So, it can be injected into the following areas to restore youthfulness.

  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Marionette lines (creases that start at the outer corners of the mouth and run down the chin)
  • Forehead
  • Temples
  • Cheeks
  • Buccal area (the side of the face)
  • Chin
  • Jawline

How safe is Ellansé?

Ellansé is said to have a great safety profile and its key ingredient is also approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and bears the Conformitè Europëenne (CE) Mark as a reliable and safe component.

In comparison to other dermal fillers, Ellansé has also been found to trigger significantly fewer occurrences of an allergic reaction, says Dr. Wong.

Is it painful?

is ellanse painful

No, it isn’t.

In fact, a numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area and the doctor will premix the Ellansé with a local anaesthetic agent to ensure minimal discomfort.

Is there any downtime involved?

Similar to any other dermal fillers, some of the common side effects you may experience include soreness, swelling, and bruising of the treated zone.

However, Dr. Wong says that these last for no more than three days. With an experienced and certified doctor, you can further reduce the risk of complications.

The only drawback of Ellansé is that it cannot be easily dissolved after one month, he says.

Hence, it is extremely important to communicate with your doctor about your needs, concerns, and expectation before getting the injectable.

Remember, under-correction is always better than over-correction.

What’s the difference between Ellansé and Sculptra?

how does ellanse work photo source sam moqadam unsplash

Photo source: Sam Moqadam/Unsplash

Dr. Wong explains that Sculptra is also a collagen stimulator but in a liquid format rather than a gel.

After treatment, consistent effort is needed to massage your face for five minutes five times a day for five consecutive days) to ensure even distribution of the Sculptra filler – this can be a hassle for most time-starved urbanites to put into practice.

With Ellansé, post-treatment massage is not needed due to its stable formulation which may be why some refer to Ellansé as an upgraded version of Sculptra.

Who should go for Ellansé?

who should go for ellanse

Because of its versatility and ability to produce more natural-looking results, Ellansé makes a better pick for most patients.

But in general, anyone who is experiencing changes to their facial appearance due to ageing such as sagginess, deep laugh lines, or sunken cheeks can be a suitable candidate for Ellansé.

Of course, it goes without saying that the outcome of your treatment will depend on several factors, including your age, skin texture, the severity of facial volume loss, budget, and commitment level.

How many sessions of Ellansé do I need?

You’ll be able to see results within one session.

However, it is recommended to use two to three millilitres (ml) of Ellansé – one syringe contains 1ml of injectable – on a larger treatment area such as the forehead or cheeks for more obvious results.

How much does it cost?

At Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic, the cost of Kowayo Ellansé Collagen Stimulator Treatment starts from S$950 to S$1,200 per ml of injectable, depending on the type of Ellansé used.

What you need to know about Dr. Wong Kee Seng and Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic

eye bag removal singapore kowayo aesthetic clinic interior

The medical director of Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic, Dr. Wong Kee Seng is passionate about maximising individual beauty with advanced medical aesthetic treatments that are safe, effective, and affordable.

When it comes to Ellansé, you’ll be glad to know that Dr. Wong was chosen to be the regional trainer for Ellansé in 2017 and has a lot of experience with the use of this particular dermal filler ever since.

Being one of the core users of Ellansé in Singapore, Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic has also been honoured with the ‘Top 5 Ellansé Clinic SG 2021’ award.

dr wong kee seng profile kowayo aesthetic clinic

In addition to his wealth of knowledge and professionalism, Dr. Wong also works alongside a team of experienced staffers at Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic.

Together, the team always prioritises patients’ safety and comfort while ensuring effectiveness and affordability, so you can rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of no matter what procedures you seek for at Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic.

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