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It’s that time of the year again where beauty brands are dropping their annual holiday collections (and we’re dropping them into our cart). This holiday season, Estée Lauder debuts an enchanting collection of Disney princess-inspired collectible Pressed Powder Compacts and Solid Perfumes so beautiful, you could say they’re shining, shimmering, splendid!

Estée Lauder X Disney Collection

Celebrating the beloved stories of eight iconic Disney Princesses, the Estée Lauder Disney Princess Collection is intricately designed by luxury jewellery designer and storyteller, Monica Rich Kosann.

Think bright, bold, colours, recognisable motifs from the movie, and sparkling crystal Swarovski gemstones – put them all together and you’ve got these stunningly beautiful compacts and perfumes that we might even consider pricking our fingers on a spinning wheel for!

Each beautiful collectible is adorned with an inspiring quote associated with the Disney princess it represents – it’s engraved on the inside of the mirror of the metal compacts, and in a secret compartment within the solid perfumes.

Pressed Powder Compacts

The one-of-a-kind refillable pressed powder compacts include the Perfecting Pressed Powder in the shade Translucent, and as it names suggest, applies like a transparent, velvety veil.

This silky, feather-light powder can be swept onto your skin to diffuse the look of fine lines, imperfections, and pores so you can achieve that flawlessly smooth finish! The Perfecting Pressed Powder can be worn on its own, or over foundation to prep the skin and set makeup.

Solid Perfumes

The solid perfumes feature Estée Lauder’s Beautiful, Beautiful Belle, and pleasures fragrances in the cutest little keepsakes! Each perfume is exquisitely detailed and reminiscent of the movie’s memorable objects or sidekicks.

While the full collection has a total of 16 products, only four of the Pressed Powder Compacts and five of the Solid Perfumes are available in Singapore. Read on to see the gorgeous princess compacts and perfumes in their full glory and how you can get your hands on one!

Ariel – The Little Mermaid

Estée Lauder X Disney Ariel

If you love the free-spirited redhead mermaid, you’ve got to stop what you’re doing right now, because these gorgeous red and blue themed Ariel pieces are the perfect thingamabobs to add to your vanity!

The Make a Splash Ariel Large Metal Compact (S$350) features Ariel’s purple seashell bra and long, flowing, red locks (drop that haircare routine, please), set amidst a sea of blue crystal Swarovski gemstones.

And of course, who could forget Ariel’s cheeky and lovable sidekick, Flounder? The Under the Sea Ariel Solid Perfume (S$560) is housed within an intricately designed Flounder perched on a coral reef. If you look closely, Flounder’s also holding the pink flower that Ariel put in her hair when she was pining over Eric and doing the “he loves me, he loves me not” petal-plucking act that we’ve all done when we had a crush.

Belle – Beauty and the Beast

Estée Lauder X Disney Belle

Beauty and The Beast is a timeless classic, and let’s be honest, we’ve all pointed to the screen and went “I need that dress!” when we first saw Belle’s billowing yellow ballgown.

Well, you may not have her dress, but you can have it in the form of the Swarovski gemstones in the Beauty is Found Within Belle Small Metal Compact (S$350). Besides Belle’s iconic yellow ballgown, the compact also features the Enchanted Rose, but don’t worry, the Beast won’t come after you if you lay your hands on this one!

The Better Together Belle Solid Perfume (S$560) is designed with our favourite mother-and-son duo, Mrs Potts and Chip. Like Chip always did in the movie, the mischievous little teacup is nestled on top of Mrs Potts. The Beautiful Belle perfume in Better Together contains a blend of floral and fruity notes like rose and lychee, leaving you smelling oh-so-sweet!

Jasmine – Aladdin

Estée Lauder X Disney Jasmine

Trust us, you’ll be transported to a whole new world with these jewel-toned Genie inspired pieces. Now’s the time to let your heart decide, because these Jasmine collectibles are just so irresistibly beautiful!

Set against a backdrop of purple Swarovski gemstones, the A Whole New World Jasmine Small Metal Compact (S$350) has a gold Jasmine silhouette emerging from a blue smoke trail coming out of the magic lamp- reminiscent of one of Disney’s most beloved characters, the Genie.

Next in the Jasmine collection is the Grant 3 Wishes Jasmine Solid Perfume (S$560), featuring the iconic magic lamp perched atop the magic carpet. While this magic lamp doesn’t house a genie that’ll grant you three wishes, the deep jewel-tones will make it the perfect addition to spruce up your vanity!


Estée Lauder X Disney Cinderella

“So, this is love,” we said when we first laid our eyes on the Cinderella lineup. We’re absolutely obsessed with the striking red and blues and sparkling Swarovski gemstones on these collectibles!

When The Clock Strikes Twelve Cinderella Small Metal Compact (S$350) comes in a vibrant red with gold accents that strike midnight on a clock and a bejewelled crown clasp – it’s totally fit for a princess. We can’t go without mentioning Cindy’s sparkly ballgown that’s featured on the compact as well.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention Cinderella? Her iconic glass slipper of course! A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes Cinderella Solid Perfume (S$560) comes in the shape of the glass slipper nestled atop a bright blue pillow, and even has Cinderelly’s little mouse friend, Jaq, peeking out from inside the shoe!

Snow White – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Estée Lauder X Disney Snow White

Magic mirror on the wall, isn’t the Snow White collection truly to die for?

The Fairest of Them All Snow White Small Metal Compact (S$350) features Snow White’s blue puff sleeves, yellow skirt, and a bejewelled poison apple set against a porcelain white background and silver Swarovski gems. The snow white (literally!) enamel just makes the compact so gorgeous and chic, all while retaining the elements of the beloved princess.

And yes, we know that the poison apple just looks so tempting to bite into! The Just One Bite Snow White Solid Perfume (S$560) is embellished with one of Snow White’s little forest friends and is the perfect addition to add a pop of colour and some glitz to your beauty collection.

Where to get the Estée Lauder x Disney Collection

The Estée Lauder x Disney Collection is exclusively available at Estée Lauder ION Orchard and Estée Lauder Concierge Service WhatsApp +65 9641 3792.

You may also check out the full collection on the Estée Lauder website.