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This has to be the sweetest collaboration in 2021. ETUDE has partnered with HERSHEY’S KISSES to launch a makeup collection and it’ll be available in time for Valentine’s Day.

Etude Hersheys Kisses Full Collection

The exclusive and delicious-looking ETUDE X HERSHEY’S KISSES Collection consists of three ETUDE Play Colour Eyes Mini Kisses and three ETUDE Choco Mousse Tint, each aptly named after the three
most popular types of chocolates, Dark, Milk, or Almond.

This is the second time the K-beauty brand is collaborating with Hershey’s. The first collaboration happened last year, featuring the Hershey’s chocolate bars, and was a total hit with fans.

Let’s take a closer look at the products in the new ETUDE X HERSHEY’S KISSES Collection.

ETUDE x HERSHEY’S KISSES Play Colour Eyes Mini Kisses

Etude Hersheys Eyeshadows

Whether your favourite chocolate is dark, milk, or with almond, there’s a product from the new ETUDE X HERSHEY’S KISSES Collection for you.

Each of the Play Colour Eyes Mini Kisses palette consists of a mix of eyeshadow colours in matte and shimmer finish that can help you create a variety of looks.

Etude Hersheys Eyeshadows LooksLeft to right: MILK, DARK, ALMOND

Go for the MILK palette if you enjoy classic beige and brown milk chocolate shades that never go out of style; the DARK palette comes with wearable shades with a romantic hint of rose tone; and the ALMOND palette is probably the trendiest, with a slight reddish tint that is a popular look on K-pop idols.

If these aren’t enough, you’re going to love that these palettes are housed in the iconic shape of the HERSHEY’S KISSES with a logo ribbon attached to the top of the case. The same shape is also pressed onto the powders for an extra touch of cuteness.

These retail at S$32.90 each. 


Etude Hersheys Lip Tints

The limited edition HERSHEY’S KISSES Choco Mousse Tint has a soft and light whipped texture that reminds you of a comforting mug of hot chocolate. The product also adheres closely to the lips and has a vivid payoff so you can always look polished through your dinner date.

Etude Hersheys Lip MousseLeft to right, top to bottom: Milk, Almond, Dark

Available in the three warm, neutral shades: Dark, Milk, and Almond, these leave the lips looking like you’ve really just taken a bite of HERSHEY’S chocolate.

These retail at S$17.90 each.

The ETUDE X HERSHEY’S KISSES Collection will be available at all ETUDE stores islandwide and on Shopee from 3 February. Consider getting it from Shopee between 3 February and 5 February, because it will be running an exclusive promotion, where you can get 50% the special bundle (Play Colour Eyes Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Kisses Choco Mousse Tint, and a limited edition pouch and brush).