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If you’re obsessed with all things Korean culture, you’ll know that the latest trend taking the country by storm is mint chocolate, and there is no sign of it slowing down.

From mint chocolate chip almonds to mint chocolate chicken, and even mint chocolate tteokbokki (sticky rice cakes), questionable mint choco-fied foods have been released left, right, and centre to cash in on the craze.

While we’re on the fence about some of them, a handful that we found seem pretty yummy — and this eyeshadow palette is no exception.

Subtle shades of cocoa and vanilla mixed with a mint finish, Etude House’s latest take on this trend encapsulates these flavours and more.

Not only does one of the shades look EXACTLY like mint chocolate, but we hear the eyeshadow textures are also soft and creamy.

And the best part? You’ll be able to enjoy this delectable palette right here in sunny Singapore. Read on to find out how!

Play Color Eyes Mint Choco Kit

Source: gift.kakao

From a mint chocolate glitter to a deep chocolate brown, Play Color Eyes Mint Choco Kit delivers six stunning shades inspired by the mint ‘n chip trend.

They come in four different finishes: matte, jelly glitter, shimmer, and pure glitter.

What’s more, it is encased in a pretty mint chocolate packaging that is truly a feast for the eyes — you’ll be satisfied without even chowing down on some mint choco ice cream.

Source: gift.kakao

  • Soft Meringue (Shimmer): A beige coral shimmer that is soft like meringue
  • Pink and Mint (Pure Glitter): Rose pink glitter with mint pearl that is bright and radiant
  • Vintage Strawberry (Matte): A toned-down pink with a vintage feel, perfect with mint
  • Sweet & Fresh Flavour (Matte): A nude coral that naturally brightens the eye area
  • Real Mint Choco (Jelly Glitter): A translucent herbal glitter that is wearable even without a base colour
  • Cacao Without Mint (Matte): Cacao brown that adds depth to the eyes

As promised, Play Color Eyes Mint Choco Kit retails for 23,000 won (S$27) and will be launched in Etude House Singapore sometime in September.

So whether you’re a mint chocolate fan or not, save your coins because this palette is certainly an invest-mint.

All images are taken from gift.kakao.com