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Shawols, listen up! If you’re suffering from post-concert blues after SHINee’s incredible concert, this makeup collection might just be perfect for you.

Inspired by SHINee’s iconic debut song “Replay”, popular K-beauty brand ETUDE has launched the REPLAY Collection, designed to take you on a trip back in time!

SHINee’s debut song was released all the way back in 2008, a whole 16 years ago. Yet, after so much time, it’s still beloved among K-pop fans, many of whom remember it fondly from their schooling days.

So, it’s no surprise that ETUDE is harnessing this nostalgia for their makeup collection!

Featuring cassette-shaped eyeshadow palettes and the revival of long-discontinued shades, this collection is truly a blast from the past.

Keep reading to get all the details on this collection, and where you can find it!

Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

From 2011 to 2014, members of SHINee became brand ambassadors for ETUDE, attracting more fans to the growing brand. Now, over a decade later, they’ve joined ETUDE as ambassadors once again!

To celebrate their return, the REPLAY collection features three eyeshadow palettes represented by the three members involved in this campaign.

These eyeshadow palettes comprise of a few discontinued shades, compiled into adorably compact palettes for your everyday makeup.

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

Legendary Taro Cherry, represented by Key, features shades of mauve and pink for sweet and youthful makeup.

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

Sweet Earl Grey, represented by Minho, comprises of light shades of cool-toned brown, perfect for a soft, everyday smoky eye.

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

Lastly, Secret Cake Box, represented by Taemin, has a mixture of muted brown and pink shades for a flattering natural look.

Each palette comes with three mattes and one shimmer, so you can create a full eye makeup look with just one palette! Plus, they each include a complimentary eyeshadow brush, making this truly an all-in-one product.

They’re even designed to mimic cassettes, serving as a nostalgic memento for those who still remember playing their favourite tunes on cassette tapes.

In fact, SHINee themselves are also a fan of this retro aesthetic, having released a limited-edition cassette version of their album “1 Of 1” back in 2016!

The REPLAY Play Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes retail for S$26.90 each on Shopee.

Look At My Eyes Single Eyeshadows

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

ETUDE is “replaying” old fan favourites with these Look At My Eyes single eyeshadows!

Popular back in the 2000s and 2010s as a staple of every K-beauty fan’s makeup routine, certain shades of ETUDE’s single eyeshadows were unfortunately discontinued as the brand continued to expand.

However, for this collection, ETUDE has listened to customer requests and relaunched fans’ top choices.

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

The REPLAY Look At My Eyes eyeshadows come in eight shades for this collection. Five shades are previous releases that have finally returned, while three shades are brand-new.

Ranging from matte neutrals to fine shimmers, these products are versatile enough to be used as eyeshadow, blush, or even highlight!

Simply pick your favourite single shade, if you’re a fan of minimalist makeup, or mix and match up to four shades in a customisable eyeshadow palette.

The REPLAY Look At My Eyes Single Eyeshadows retail for S$12.72 each, while the 4-pan customisable eyeshadow palette retails for S$16.31 on Shopee.

Syrup Glossy Balm

With a syrupy texture that melts on the lips, this iconic lip gloss is enriched with natural oils to make your lips smooth and soft. Plus, it delivers a crystal-clear, high-shine finish in three different shades.

Push the balm out by clicking the button at the bottom of the tube, or twist the tube to push it back down. Be careful not to push too much out at once, to prevent the soft formula from making a mess!

01 Cherry Syrup is a vibrant red gloss that’ll add a youthful pop of colour to your makeup look.

Meanwhile, two previously discontinued shades have returned in this collection – 02 Rosy Lavender, a muted rosy shade for a “my lips but better” look, and 03 Lilac Shower, a glittery gloss with a hint of light purple.

The REPLAY Syrup Glossy Balms retail for S$20.90 each on Shopee.

Featured image credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram.