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Knowing how to style your bangs is an essential step to elevating your look to the next level. Bangs can shape and define our faces in ways you may not be aware of.

Unsure which bangs style is suitable for your face shape? Don’t worry, because we’re here to help you figure it all out. On top of that, we’ll also be spilling the deets on how you can give yourself the illusion of a face-lift just by styling your bangs right!

What are “face-lifting” bangs?

Those who weren’t born with supermodel cheekbones could probably make do with an extra lift.

The first step to achieving this is understanding that bangs can be divided into inner and outer layers to shape the face.

We know that this sounds confusing but this diagram will make things a little easier.

This look will give your bangs an airy appearance. You can also fold them to the sides to make an “S” shape. This can make your face fuller by properly framing your face shape.

Whether you want to tie your hair up or down, your bangs will flawlessly enhance your face in all the best ways possible.

If you’re still slightly confused, not to worry! Read on because we have broken down this method into two steps for you to understand better.

How to achieve “face-lifting bangs”

Step 1: Work on the outer layer

Grab your fringe and cut it in an arc slightly below your mouth.

The first step is to cut away your long fringe. Grab your hair and divide it into a triangle as shown in the images above. Afterwards, grab that section of hair and cut it around where your lips are positioned.

When cutting your hairs away, create a slight arc to give it a more natural look.

Next, part your hair at your widow’s peak. When you trim, do it slightly shorter than the part you previously trimmed.

Step 2: Work on the inner layer

Now that you’re done cutting the outer bangs, go ahead and roll them all up with a large hair roller.

Once it’s all neat, gently pick out a section of the inner layer. It can be found along the hairline on both sides of your forehead to the ears.

After separating the inner layer, you will need to trim it at an angle. The short end of the angle should be on the same level as the edge of your nose. The longer end can stop roughly below the corner of your mouth.

That’s it! You’ve completed this “face-lifting” technique! Let go of the curls and adjust the curvature of your bangs however you like.

Now, not only does the outer layer modify your face shape, but the outgrown hair lines on both sides are gone, giving you a youthful look.

Featured image credits: @obvie_lee.eun/Instagram