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You might have seen videos going around recently about women shaving their faces. Did you know that it’s actually not that new? The proper term for it is called dermaplaning and there are many facial salons that offer the treatment. It’s only more recently that beauty YouTubers started doing it on their own using a razor.


Japanese salons are most well-known for dermaplaning. Called “kao sori”, Japanese beauty experts believe this shaving is the reason why men age more slowly than women, unbeknownst to them. Experts say that shaving cream helps moisturise skin, and the shave works as a massage. Most importantly, the shave gets rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of skin, acting as a form of exfoliation process, and helps to improve skin cell turnover as a result.

Dermaplaning, or face shaving, is apparently well-loved by Hollywood stars, including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

How does face shaving help your skin?

1. It exfoliates your skin: There may be several ways of exfoliation, including the use of scrubs at home and chemical peels at clinics, but dermaplaning/face shaving is said to work best because it’s able to work most deeply onto your skin.

2. It offers anti-ageing benefits: With your dead skin cells are removed and your skin stimulated with the shaving, your skin is able to produce more collagen and elastin to help increase the look of plumpness on your skin.

3. It brightens your skin: The “peach” fuzz can sometimes cling on to dirt and make complexion look dull. When we remove these hairs, it actually can make our skin look brighter! At the same time, removing dead skin cells means that fresher skin is able to surface and make your complexion look brighter and more even.

4. It helps makeup go on more smoothly: With baby hairs (or “peach fuzz”) and dead skin cells removed, your skin now has a smoother texture, making it a better canvas for makeup to work on. You’ll find that makeup goes on more smoothly and able to cling on to your skin for longer. This means you would need less touch-ups!

5. It improves blood circulation on skin: The shaving movement massages your skin and improves blood circulation as a result. A face massage can help give a firming effect on your skin over time and improved blood circulation helps your skin cells renew themselves faster.

How often should you shave and is it safe for everyone?

Experts recommend shaving every fortnight. The procedure is safe, especially if a professional is doing it for you. But it is also relatively safe to do it by yourself. Read our next section to find how to do face shaving at home.

However, professionals advise against those with acne problem to try dermaplaning/face shaving. This is because stagnant sebum on skin can be irritated when you shave, and can aggravate the problem. If you are having a breakout, wait until it is clear before you try dermaplaning/face shaving out.

How to do face shaving at home:

1. Start with a dry face

2. Use a straight blade razor. You can get cheap ones from Daiso!

3. Use the razor at a 45 degree angle. Don’t shave your face with the blade resting on top of your face! You’ll end up cutting yourself. Below are two videos you can take reference from to see how they use the razor.

4. Use a light hand

5. Moisturise or use a face mask after shaving.


Should you decide to try face shaving, do be careful! Although we haven’t seen any reports of accidents arising from it, some have complained that it gave them razor bumps.

Watch all about this trend here: