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Can you believe everything that is circulating online?

Not all the time.

A recent article that has been disseminated on Facebook via sponsored post (paid by publisher to reach more Facebook users) claims that Fann Wong managed to shed her pregnancy weight by consuming slimming pills.

Don’t for a moment think that this is true. Here are five reasons why we know it’s untrue:

1. The masthead says “Lifestyle Asia” but it doesn’t go to the right URL


While Lifestyle Asia is a real website and has its presence in Singapore, note that the URL of this fake website goes to “http://lifestyleasia.com-05.tv/” instead. This should give you a hint that there’s something wrong about this website.

2. All the website talks about is the slimming pills

Click on any of the links on the site and it brings you to a purchase page of the slimming pills. This is an obvious indication that it is not a true editorial site.

Another clear sign that this may be a scam? They featured “Laura Chu’s” before-and-after photos, as their “customer’s” results. A reverse Google image search will lead you to the identity of the girl in the photo – Laura Patricia. And a search on her name would bring you the result of Laura Patricia’s true slimming story, and about how she fought anorexia.

3. Fann Wong has never talked about this slimming pill

fann wong marie france bodyline press conference

Do a simple google and you’ll probably notice that besides this website, Fann Wong has never mentioned anything about consuming Garcinia Cambogia to achieve her weight loss target.

4. Fann Wong has been committed to Marie France Bodyline ambassadorship

Fann Wong has been declared as Marie France Bodyline’s ambassador even before she delivered Baby Zed. In fact, several of her Instagram posts point towards that.

Fann Wong IG2 Fann Wong IG

5. A press conference has revealed Fann Wong’s slimming secrets

pregnant fann wong interview daily vanity behind the scenes 1

pregnant fann wong interview daily vanity behind the scenes 3

Daily Vanity has interviewed Fann Wong on two occasions, in which she revealed her slimming and beauty secrets. Read these interviews with Fann Wong by clicking here.

Why does it matter that you get the facts right?


As a celebrity, it makes sense for Fann Wong to only endorse products and brands that she believes in, because she’s putting her name against it publicly. If you don’t already think using scam methods to explicitly lie about celebrities using its product is unethical and shady, you should also know that a product like Garcinia Cambogia has not gone through stringent checks and may have a detrimental effect on health.


What can you do?

Always check sources and question what’s being circulated online before believing them and sharing them. Stop sharing this particular article and click on “report post” to alert Facebook of its scam nature so that they can take them down.

This article is brought to you by Marie France Bodyline.