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Ultra-matte lipsticks used to be all the rage, but in recent years the trend has gradually moved towards more comfortable, nourishing formulas.

This is why we’re extra thrilled that Fenty Beauty has launched Fenty Icon, a brand new refillable lipstick line that boasts lightweight, semi-matte finishes in gorgeous “milk tea” shades.

The “milk tea” shades we’re in love with

We were delighted to find that there are seven neutrals and three reds in the collection – there’s a nude here to suit everyone, from the fairest to the deepest skin tones. We’re especially enamoured with the gorgeous “milk tea” hues that are perfect for everyday wear.

fenty icon lippies

Credit: fentybeauty

fenty icon lipstick swatches mikicarrbeauty

Swatches of the five Fenty Icon “milk tea” shades, credit: mikicarrbeauty

The lightest shade, “Motha Luva”, is a light pink nude that suits fairer skin tones. Due to its soft, rosy tint, it’s an excellent base colour for hiding any unevenness or purple tones in the lips.

“Pose Queen” is a true neutral, soft pink-brown MLBB shade that reminds us of a chai latte.

scholar sista fenty beauty

Credit: RED

“Scholar Sista” is a medium, smokey rose nude that’s very flattering on almost any skin tone because of its neutral colour. When applied in a thin layer, it’s a shade that gives a delicate and soft vibe, reminiscent of rose earl grey milk tea.

“Ballin’ Babe” is a medium mauve nude. Something to note is that these types of shades tend to appear redder and darker when applied, depending on how pigmented your lips are.

“Major Magnate” is a taupe nude shade that looks especially gorgeous on medium to deeper skin tones.

The luxurious formula

The formula includes lip-loving, plumping ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, and amino acid technology which keeps your lips feeling hydrated throughout the day.

Although described as a semi-matte, the lipstick formula appears to be on the creamier side. If you prefer a more velvet matte look, you can gently blot your lips with a tissue to take off some of the shine.

fenty icon arm swatches

Aside from the five shades mentioned above, the collection has five red and brown-toned shades – “She A CEO” is a chocolate hue, “Board Memb’r” is a vampy burgundy red, “Grill Mast’r” is a maple red, and “The MVP” is a true blue-red.

The lipstick bullet’s shape is based on Rihanna’s distinctive cupid’s bow, which is a charming touch. Because of the great design, no lip liners are required to achieve a defined lip shape. The formula is also 100% cruelty-free and features Rihanna’s favourite vanilla-peach scent.

The Icon-ic packaging


The Icon Lipstick is refillable, with the cases and refills sold separately. There are currently two shades available for the elegant Fenty Icon case on Sephora’s website – Metallic Nude and Matte Black.

If you’re confused about how to put your lipstick together, don’t worry. Here’s an easy guide on how to assemble your Fenty Icon:

  1. Your case box arrives with two pieces: a case and a bullet base.
  2. Flip case vertically and base will slide out. Note: Do not push the base into the case or insert the base into the case without a lipstick shade fill attached.
  3. Remove the cap from lipstick shade fill.
  4. Attach lipstick shade fill to bullet base – a click lets you know it’s fully connected.
  5. Make sure the bullet is twisted all the way down.
  6. Insert lipstick, bullet first, into the case.
  7. Pop it into place.
  8. Your Fenty Icon Lipstick is now complete. Twist base to the left to lift the bullet and apply.

We’ve tried every single colour in the line

fenty icon lipsticks all colours review

Our favourite in the line is definitely The MVP, a classic red that’s said to be universally flattering. Other standout colours include Grill Master, Pose Queen (an MLBB shade that most can pull off), and Flaunty Auntie, which helps brighten the complexion and lets you look “made up” without trying too hard.

In terms of its formula, it’s creamy and glides on easily. However, it’s not smudge-proof, so it bled outside of our lips when we put our mask on.

Fenty Beauty Fenty Icon Refillable Lipstick is available online at Sephora.sg, and in-store at Sephora stores. The refills retail for S$34 each and the case retails for S$20. Refills and cases are sold separately.