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Kids in the ’90s play with yoyos – how about kids in 2017? Fidget spinners, apparently. They look like this:

And you can do tricks with them, like these ones:

Now, someone from the beauty space wants a piece of the fidget-spinner-pie. Enter Glamspin, a fidget spinner that has three lip glosses encased inside it. The glosses in them sound pretty yummy. They are: Peach Whirl, Strawberry Cyclone, and Grape Twist. See how Glamspin works in this video:

The fidget spinner-lip gloss hybrid is set to start shipping in mid-July, and you can find it here, at USD9.99. Unfortunately, they only ship to the USA, Canada, and Mexico at the moment, so unless you use a forwarder, you won’t be able to get your hands on it.

But if you really want it badly, you can consider putting up a request on websites like Airfrov, which allows travellers to help you buy items from overseas. First-time buyers who use the promo code DVSG10 gets SGD10 off.