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The iconic red manicure was born more than 80 years ago, and yet it remains a staple in the nail world.

Pioneered by legendary old Hollywood actresses like Lucille Ball and Barbara Streisand, donning red tips have since become an endearing beauty standard, causing the evolution of countless red hues and finishes for ladies to choose from.

But what has been rapidly becoming de rigueur in the Asian nail scene is a fig-coloured manicure. A dusty, berry shade — fig-coloured nails are a great substitute for the bright classic red.

If you want your nails to look like they’ve been pulled out of a Korean Pinterest feed, read on to view the best fig-coloured looks that you can try.

Syrup nails

The first on our list pays homage to the sticky goodness on your breakfast table. Emulating a drip of syrup, this gradient look starts translucent at the cuticle and gradually melts into the saturated colour at the tip.

We think this effect beautifully captures the fig tones without looking too harsh. You can also opt to mattify it or jazz it up with chunky embellishments and foil.

Source: @hyun.j_96

French tips

A modern twist to a classic design, fig coloured polish has also been used to play with the negative space on nails. These french tips are perfect for busy and low-maintenance folks as they still look good even when grown out.

If you want to give it a little more bling, you can add gold foil or accompany it with cute nail art.

Source: @nail158_

Dalmatian nails

Cruella de Vil fans, rejoice! You can now proudly wear dalmatians on your fingertips with a hint of fig colour (cruelty-free, of course). Fun and speckled yet beautifully brutalist, this timeless look gives you room to experiment with many different colourways.

Source: @chocho.k

Smudged gradient nails

We’ve also noticed the smudged gradient manicure with the use of fig tones. It creates an almost three-dimensional watercolour effect – a total upgrade from the basic marble nails!

You can revolve the whole look around a single fig colour, or match it up with complementary shades of green or grey.

Source: @nail_mini

Semi-gloss nails

Offset a flat base or matte design with some high gloss details. These semi-gloss and semi-matte nails are a super refreshing yet bold way to play up your summer beauty look.