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Acne can be one of the peskiest skin problems that can happen to anyone. And contrary to popular belief, acne isn’t just something that happens to teenagers – many adults suffer from it too.

Most of the products in our skincare regime that deal with acne issues tend to be targeting at oil control and anti-inflammation. While it’s true that pimples are generally caused by the inflammation of pores after they’re plugged by accumulated sebum, the issue of acne flare-ups is more complicated than this.

What can be causing recurring acne?

Scientists at Japanese skincare brand, ORBIS, have identified hormonal imbalances in the body as one of the key factors that lead to recurring acne. The scientists found that hormonal imbalances in the body cause a decrease in essential antimicrobial peptides which lowers the skin’s resistance against Propionibacterium Acnes (acne-causing bacteria) thereby leading to repeated breakouts. This breakthrough study has been honoured with the Best Basic Research Award at the 28th International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists.

What this means is: If you have been using traditional acne-clearing products but still see recurring acne that refuses to go away, it is highly possible that what’s causing your problem is hormonal, and this is why your usual products don’t seem to work. You’ll need products that can strengthen your skin’s own ability to resist against acne-causing bacteria. This way, you can finally put an end to the root of the problem, instead of only treating the pimples as they come.

Try the ORBIS CLEAR series

With the discovery by ORBIS scientists, the brand has also launched a renewed CLEAR series of products that doesn’t just prevent repeated breakouts, but also helps improve skin’s own protective barrier function – a more fundamental solution. The series features ingredients like the Gromwell Root Extract (corrects skin’s protective function and its resistance against acne), Licorice Root Extract (prevents acne aggravation while supporting anti-bacterial functions to maintain skin health), and Coix Seed Extract & Permeable Collagen (smooths out roughness and promotes skin renewal, while providing moisturising effects and enhancing collagen formation).


For fundamental acne care, these three products from the CLEAR series are recommended: the CLEAR Wash (SGD21), a facial wash that helps unclog pores, CLEAR LOTION (SGD25) to prep the skin so it can absorb active ingredients that treat the root causes of acne from the products better, and CLEAR MOISTURE (SGD28), an oil-free moisturiser that improves skin barrier functions, protect it from external irritants, and eliminate acne visibly. All of them come in lightweight texture that isn’t too harsh on your skin, which means they will not provoke acne-prone skin that’s already red and irritated. For more intensive acne care, you can also try the other products in this series.

Try it for yourself

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