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Figuring out your skin type is tricky, but narrowing down your hair type can be downright baffling. Just like our skin, however, determining our hair type is key to finding the right solution for our tresses.

Speaking of confusing hair types, there are two that may sound similar, but are actually pretty different. Yup, most folks have trouble working out if they have fine or thin hair.

To make matters worse, these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. So, is there truly a difference between the two?

Read on, because we’ll explain what both hair types actually are and why you should feel a little worried if you have one of them.

What is fine hair?

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Those with fine hair may have noticed that their hair strands are much slimmer and smaller compared to other hair types.

It often lacks volume, but still has a smooth texture. However, the thinness of fine hair makes it much more susceptible to breakage. Fine hair can be slightly more difficult to manage, but easier to heat style.

Unfortunately, our hair follicle shape and size are genetically determined, so there isn’t much we can do to change the thickness of our hair shaft.

What is thin hair?

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Thin hair refers to the density of our hair in areas of the scalp. That means the more strands there are in a certain area, the denser it is to make our hair appear thicker.

So if you have plenty of fine hair, your hair will look fuller instead of thinner.

Which hair type is a cause for concern?

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Now that you know what the difference is between the two hair types, you may be able to guess which hair type sounds the alarm.

Since thinning hair points to the loss of hair density on the scalp, it means that existing hair follicles are becoming smaller, which results in less hair overall.

One way to tell if you have thinning hair is if you notice that your part has gotten wider. Or if you have longer hair, you may have to wrap your hair tie around more times when you put your tresses into a ponytail, indicating less hair.

Some may also notice an increase in shedding. Of course, we naturally shed up to 150 hairs a day, but when it becomes excessive and prolonged, it can be concerning.

Besides our age and genetics, thinning hair can also result from chronic shedding, also known medically as telogen effluvium. This refers to hair shedding that’s triggered by a stressor, whether it’s emotional or physical.

An effective, all-natural and organic solution for thinning hair

fine vs thin hair bio organicare hair thinning treatment

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To get to the root of thinning hair, one must first address the scalp. After all, a healthy scalp paves the way for faster, stronger hair growth.

If you’ve tried plenty of hair loss products to no avail, give Bio Organicare’s Hair Thinning Treatment a try.

Using formulas that are all-natural and organic, Bio Organicare prides itself on offering safe in-house products and treatments for all, including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

In particular, the Hair Thinning Treatment is powered by a special, effective blend of natural and organic ingredients that deeply cleanses the scalp which promoting healthy growth – all without the addition of harmful chemical additives such as drying alcohol, parabens, and sulfates.

Once you’ve made an appointment for a consultation, your therapist at Bio Organicare will perform a detailed scalp analysis to determine your most pressing hair woes. This is also the best time to ask any burning questions you might have about your hair and scalp condition.

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Your therapist will then customise the Hair Thinning Treatment to tackle your scalp issue. Once you’re comfortably seated, she will prepare an essence blend and apply it on your hair and scalp, massaging it all in to stimulate hair growth.

Harnessing the power of nano-molecular and advanced technology, the detoxifying treatment clears sebum from an oily scalp and helps to reduce hair loss in the process.

A red LED light therapy machine will then be placed above your head. Red light has been proven to increase hair count, density, and thickness for both men and women.

This also protects the hair and scalp from environmental and oxidative damage, thereby slowing down the scalp’s natural ageing process.

Your treatment will end with a relaxing hair bath and blow dry using an ionic hair dryer, which helps to seal your strands’ cuticles to retain moisture.

You’ll be able to notice a difference in your scalp health during a post-treatment scan after your first session. And after six to nine months, you should see a change in the fullness of your tresses!

Bio Organicare Hair Thinning Treatment: Prices and locations

Bio Organicare’s Hair Thinning Treatment is priced from S$38 to S$198. To learn more about their other services, visit their website.

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