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Patchy makeup woes? You’re not alone. We’ve tried it all, from testing many different primers and foundations to buying beauty products that claim to grant us flawless, long-lasting makeup.

In our search for the “right” products and our journey towards nailing that perfect and glowing daily makeup look, we’ve even succumbed to trying out countless hacks seen on TikTok that may or may not work. But the main patchy foundation culprit we never caught is dehydrated skin!

The truth? In Singapore’s humid and scorching hot weather, the most suitable product to keep our makeup seamlessly dewy is one that can keep our skin plump and hydrated.

Read on to learn more about dehydrated skin and the best beauty tool you need for an elevated hydration ritual!

What is dehydrated skin and what causes it?

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It’s entirely normal for our skin to lose water every day, but too much moisture loss leads to dehydrated skin. When your skin is dehydrated, that means it lacks water and is unable to retain moisture well or for long periods of time.


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If you’ve noticed your skin looking dull with visible fine lines and an uneven complexion, chances are you’ve got dehydrated skin. Without ample hydration, our skin becomes at risk of being dry, tight, rough, itchy, sensitive, and inflamed.

Those with oily skin types aren’t immune to dehydrated skin either — your skin starts producing more oil and sebum to try and compensate for the lack of water, which leads to clogged skin and acne breakouts.


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One of the top causes of dehydrated skin is warm weather or a dry and windy environment, which increases water loss from the body when the moisture evaporates from our skin. The same can happen even in air-conditioned rooms, which is why many of us in Singapore probably suffer from dehydrated skin.

Other contributing factors include lack of sleep, overly hot showers, not drinking enough water, harsh skincare products, and bypassing a gentle, hydrating skincare routine.

Put simply, dehydrated skin can cause many other skin concerns that make it impossible to achieve that coveted flawless makeup base unless we treat it and start hydrating our skin religiously.

How does dehydrated skin affect your makeup?

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Other than using the wrong products for your skin type or applying too much product, skin prep is one of the most important steps to take when achieving a smooth makeup base.

That’s because moisturising it well and keeping your skin hydrated creates a good canvas for makeup products to come.

Makeup can cling to dry areas of the skin, making it look flaky, patchy, and like you’re shedding skin. Meanwhile, for those with oily dehydrated skin, the excess oil can cause your makeup to separate and appear patchy.

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And when you have additional skin conditions like noticeable face lines, putting on makeup without proper hydration will only make the lines more obvious.

It’s like trying to fix a broken vase by slathering on paint and not with a superglue — you may think that this resolves the problem but the cracks are still visible and the vase is still unable to hold water.

The moral of the story? It doesn’t matter how many makeup tips you follow, like using loose setting powders or dousing your face in setting spray, if you don’t address the root of the issue.

Taking care of your skin, first and foremost, is the best way to ensure you’re never met with the frustration of cakey makeup and dehydrated skin.

evian® Brumisateur Facial Spray and Mist: Instant 24/7 hydration for healthy skin and refreshed makeup

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Well, all hope is not lost. Here’s a simple and effortless way to keep your skin plump and radiant throughout the day!

Believe us, once you see lines or “cracks” appearing or your skin getting more oily than dewy, a spritz of this evian® facial spray and ultra-fine mist combination goes a long way for that coveted glowy makeup look.

All you need to do is hydrate your skin with the evian® Brumisateur Facial Spray before going in with your choice of the evian® Brumisateur Facial Mist to keep your skin in its best state!

Everything you need to know about the new evian® Brumisateur Facial Mist

evian®, a leading brand in skin hydration favoured by celebrities and many, has unveiled a new series of COSMOS organic-certified skincare mists for an elevated hydrating beauty ritual.

evian brumisateur facial mist trio

Made in France and housed in pops of pastel colours, 99% of the ingredients in this face mist trio are of natural origins and don’t compromise the efficacy of the evian® Brumisateur formula, which includes the well-loved evian® mineral water ingredient from the French Alps.

Packaged in aluminium aerosol cans to preserve the product quality, the evian® Brumisateur Facial Mist trio has undergone dermatological control tests, was formulated under pharmaceutical control, and is suitable for all skin types.

Other than providing great hydration, each facial mist can address specific skincare needs. Depending on what state your dehydrated skin is in or what conditions it’s going through, there’s surely an evian® Facial Mist that fits the bill — be it to protect the skin barrier, calm and alleviate reactive skin, or cultivate a glowing complexion.

As a bonus, the three facial mists have different light and pleasant fragrances too!

evian® Facial Mist Protect

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Aptly named, this mist lets you put on a breathable, protective veil on the skin to shield against pollution and external aggressions like temperature variations. Your skin will thank you once it’s softer, less stressed, and blessed with eight hours of hydration.

It’s also very gentle on sensitive skin, and apart from the evian® mineral water ingredient, there’s wild indigo extract and organic cornflower extract in its hydrating blend.

In a test carried out on 30 women of all skin types during a 28-day period, 97% said their skin was less stressed with only two applications a day.

evian® Facial Mist Calm

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Made for those who frequently experience tight and stinging skin, the Calm facial mist effectively soothes and significantly decreases burning and stinging sensations for immediate comfort.

100% of the 30 women who tried this product for 28 days, with applications twice a day, agreed it soothed their skin while 90% noted a long-lasting calming effect. Plus, 97% felt the evian® Facial Mist Calm increased their skin’s well-being too.

With 24-hour hydration, your skin will look less red or inflamed and become gradually less reactive day after day. This gentle facial mist’s mild yet powerful formula features helichrysum extract and organic jasmine flower extract.

evian® Facial Mist Glow

evian brumisateur facial mist glow, fix patchy makeup

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For a cloud of radiance added to your complexion, reach for the Glow facial mist which promises 24-hour hydration as well and helps to revive the skin.

Made with white peony root extract and organic white tea leaf extract, along with the evian® mineral water ingredient, this delicate mist works to enhance your skin and revitalise its radiance.

With regular use, you’ll notice visibly plump skin that looks fresher and more luminous each day. Based on a trial with 31 women who used the mist twice a day, 74% saw radiantly beautiful skin and 77% agreed that it helped reveal the natural glow of their skin.

Start glowing with the evian® Brumisateur Facial Mist trio

evian brumisateur facial mist trio

Regardless of what your skin type is, these hydration skin treats are a must-have in your skincare and makeup routines!

Remember to pair it with the original evian® Facial Spray and mist generously after for a natural, refreshed look.

The new evian® Brumisateur Facial Mist trio retails for S$23 and will be available from November 2023. Meanwhile, the evian® Brumisateur Facial Spray retails for S$10 (50ml), S$13.65 (150ml), and S$18.05 (300ml) at Shopee, LazMall, RedMart, and in stores at Watsons and Novela.

Follow the official evian® stores on Shopee and LazMall for a S$2 Follower Voucher and enjoy 25% off the mist trio in-store at Watsons from November 2023!

Different discounts are offered at the time of writing. Tap in to check the updated prices.

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This article is brought to you by evian®.