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C-beauty brands have definitely been dominating the beauty market as of late. Apart from its assured quality that has been tried and tested by many beauty enthusiasts, various C-beauty brands have also been stealing the hearts of many thanks to their gorgeous packaging.

Case in point? These elegant floral-themed blushers from Flower Knows we discovered a few months ago.

full collection

Image Source: RED

With Chinese Valentine’s Day approaching in mid-August, we came across a beautiful launch on RED (a.k.a. China’s Instagram). It’s none other than the limited-edition Chinese Valentine’s Day set from Florasis, which was created in line with the upcoming celebration.

This limited-edition set features a cushion compact, powder compact, an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and two gorgeous lipsticks that we can’t take our eyes off of!

For the uninitiated, Florasis is one of the top leading C-beauty brands that stays true to its roots with packaging that is inspired by ancient Chinese culture. Check out their Instagram page – it is an absolute visual feast for the eyes.


Image Source: RED

These uniquely shaped lipsticks that are adorned with minimalistic keychains definitely caught our attention with their extremely elegant, one-of-a-kind packaging. They are available in pastel pink and dark blue, extremely apt colours for Valentine’s Day!

While it did take us quite a while to figure out how you could possibly open this lipstick, turns out, it really isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is push the keyhole on the bottom and your lipstick is good to go.

pink lipstick

Image Source: RED

The pastel pink version gives you a really pretty pink that’s both bright and velvety.


Image Source: RED

pink swatch

Image Source: RED

With its matte finish, we’d say it’s the perfect subtle shade for everyday wear.

blue lipstick

Image Source: RED

blue swatch

Image Source: RED

On the other hand, the blue version presents you with a darker brick red shade. This is perfect for a fun night out, or for important occasions.

lipstick design

Image Source: RED

If the elegant packaging wasn’t enough to impress you, we’re pretty sure the intricate flower engravings on the lipstick will no doubt leave you in awe.

pink cushion

Image Source: RED

Next in the collection is the Lotus-Skin Nourishing Cushion foundation that is donned in an exclusive baby pink packaging.

nourishing cushion

Image Source: Florasis

This compact cushion provides great oil control and moisturising benefits, imparting a gorgeous semi-matte finish. It’s also infused with skincare essences to nourish the skin to enhance your glow.

It is available in three different shades:

  • N20 Shimmering Lotus – Light beige
  • N25 Rippling Lotus – Beige
  • N30 Bathing Beauty – Medium Beige
peach blossom powder

Image Source: Florasis

To help set your foundation in place, there’s the Peach Blossom Powder. Lightweight and ultra-fine, this powder will leave you with flawless-looking skin. It is also infused with skin-nourishing ingredients derived from plants that help improve your complexion over time.

It comes in three different finishes:

  • 01 Snow – Natural shimmer
  • 02 Jade – Natural matte
  • 03 Mist – Translucent matte

Image Source: Florasis

This eyeliner is great for those with butterfingers as it’s equipped with a fine tip that allows for easy and precise strokes. It is also quick-drying and smudge-proof, so you won’t have to worry about it feathering or bleeding mid-day.

It is available in two shades:

  • 01 Pine Soot Ink – Black
  • 02 Pine Soot Amber – Brown
eyebrow pencil

Image Source: RED

Last but not least is an eyebrow pencil that is dressed in a beautiful limited-edition silvery pink packaging.

full box

Image Source: RED

Apart from the main makeup products, the set also comes with makeup brushes, which go well with the new limited-edition makeup products. Plus, you can even repurpose the pretty box to store your jewellery and makeup!

This limited-edition Florasis Chinese Valentines Day set has yet to launch globally, but you can keep a lookout on Florasis’ official website as well as Shopee and Ezbuy in the coming weeks to get your hands on this exclusive bundle.