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Flower Knows products are a masterclass in intricate and high-quality packaging, having made its name with whimsical baroque and unicorn-themed cosmetics that beauty influencers rave about.

The wildly popular brand was started in 2016 by two celebrity cosplayers known in the community as Baozi and Hana. The brand has since earned itself a coveted place in China’s cutthroat cosmetics market, with each collection raking in millions in profit.

The latest circus-themed collection includes loose powders, lipsticks, and eyeshadow palettes, embellished with vintage teddy bears, enchanting carousels, and magical pink elephants. But it’s the blushes we can’t take our eyes off.

These ombré blushes from the C-beauty brand are so incredibly gorgeous, the most common refrain amongst buyers is that they’re simply too pretty to use.

Flower Knows Endless Blush

Some buyers have even expressed that they bought the blushes solely for their gorgeous cases, and wouldn’t have cared if they didn’t work that well. Fortunately, based on the thousands of positive reviews online, the blushes aren’t just beautiful to look at – the formula is also a dream to work with.

Credit: RED

Credit: RED

It’s moisturising and blendable with a light sakura scent, and the trendy shades are very complementary to Asian skin tones. You can use the ombré shades separately or blended together, depending on the look you’re going for.

The cases are emblazoned with different coloured hearts that hint at the colours inside, so you’ll be able to pick out the shade you want in your collection without having to open every individual compact. The compacts come with a mirror, so you can use easily use them for touch-ups.

Credit: RED

Read on to find out more about their six stunning hues, and why we want these gradient blushes in every colour available!

01 Blue Moonlight

Blue Moonlight is a unique, milky blue shade that transitions into a peachy pink. Don’t let the blue scare you – it’s a subtle hue that’s perfect for highlighting and giving more dimension to the face. The peachy pink can be used on its own and mixed in with the blue for a lilac shade that brightens your complexion.

02 Orchid Gem

Orchid gem is a creamy highlight shade that transitions into a lavender tinge. This colour combination gives a youthful effect and is great for neutral and cool-toned complexions.

03 Wonderful Festival

Wonderful Festival is a creamy pink that transitions into a brownish pink. The combination gives a soft and gentle vibe and is a universally flattering shade that suits warm, cool, and neutral olive tones.

04 Daydreaming

Daydreaming starts off as a white peach and transitions into a salmon pink. The pinkish apricot shades give a delicate look and make a great everyday blush for neutral and warmer skin tones.

05 Endless

Endless is a nude peach that transitions into a butterscotch brown. This is one of the most popular blushes within the collection. Its natural, sepia tones exemplify the “peach milk tea” blush trend, and give off a sophisticated, modelesque type of vibe.

06 Dusk

Dusk is a cinnamon brown that transitions into a greyish purple. This pretty sunset-hued blush is a take on the ultra-popular “red bean” colour. It’s a rare, warm-toned purplish plum, which makes it suitable for a variety of complexions and creates a moody, mellow look.

Flower Knows Circus Blush Dusk Eyeshadow

Credit: RED, Flower Knows Circus Gradient Blush in Dusk

The buildable pigment of these blushes means that they’re super versatile and can be used as eyeshadows too! No more worrying about matching your eyeshadow to your blush colour – you can easily put together a cohesive, monochromatic look with one product.

How to apply

As you may know, different types of blush applications can totally change your face. Most of the time, a general rule is to avoid applying blush too low on the cheeks, as it can drag everything down and make you appear older. You should be good as long as you don’t apply colour past your nose tip!

Credit: RED

For a sunkissed look à la K-pop queen Hyuna, mix both colours and sweep them across your cheeks and nose bridge in a connected line.

For a girlish, innocent flush, apply the darker shade in a diffused circular shape on the middle of your cheeks, followed by the lighter shade as a highlight in the centre.

For a more subtle, everyday look, place the highlight shade under the inner corner of your eyes, and lightly apply the deeper shade on the apples of your cheeks.

Flower Knows Circus Gradient Blush retails for S$31 on the Flower Knows official store on Shopee.