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So you’ve just returned home after a long day of work, but it’s only now that the real work begins.

Foreo Cleaning Wipes

That arduous process of makeup removal is something we can all identify with if you’re into giving your face a good cleanse. But just when you want to wash off the oily residue from the makeup removers using your facial cleansing device, you realise you can’t remember where you’ve left it!

Foreo Stressed

Sounds like a familiar nightmare? Most people don’t leave skincare cleansing devices in the bathroom for fear of bacterial growth in such damp areas but we’ve all been there – misplacing a product when you need it the most.

This will never again be a problem with the newest FOREO LUNA Mini 3 and its ‘Find my LUNA’ function!

Foreo Luna

If you’re into maintaining clear and supple skin, you’ve probably heard about the revolutionary brushes from FOREO’s line of cleansing devices that have changed the way over 20 million people cleanse globally. You know it’s gotta be good stuff when a LUNA is currently sold once every 1.3 seconds around the world!

Foreo Cleansers

From Youtube gurus, to adored celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, it seems like almost everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon. But if you’re still confused about what the hype’s all about, read our review by 20 readers in Singapore (just like you and me!), who’ve been transformed into cult followers of these products!

Foreo’s newest release, the LUNA Mini 3 is the epitome of efficient cleansing in a cute and compact device. The highlight of this version for us, has to be the ‘Find My Luna’ feature that’s connected by Bluetooth and controlled via the FOREO app. You will never lose your cleansing device again! 

Foreo Find My Luna

The device also debuts a never-seen-before ‘Glow Boost’ mode. A first for both FOREO and the entire beauty industry, you can now achieve instantly flawless and glowing skin using the supercharged 30 second cleanse – all with a simple click of a button. Perfect for all you time-saving, efficient women out there!

Foreo Bristles

Like the rest of the LUNA range, the FOREO LUNA Mini 3 is crafted from ultra-hygienic, softer than silk silicone that’s quick-drying and non-porous. This silicone prevents bacteria buildup and glides effortlessly across the face (even sensitive skin), removing 99.5% of dirt and oil from the face. This supercharged gadget distributes 8,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute at 12 different intensities.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just completed a sweaty workout, danced the night away at the hottest club, or returned home from an arduous day of work – you’ll be rewarded with that cleaner than clean feeling and fresh skin with this new device!

Foreo Gym

Bonus points for its adorable size – perfect for modern women who are always on the go, and especially easy to throw into your gym bag!


Foreo Pics


Launch Date Colours available

Sephora stores

26 September 2019 Pearl Pink and Lavender (Sephora exclusive colour)
TANGS at Tang Plaza 26 September 2019 Pearl Pink only
TANGS at Tang Plaza and Lazada 18 October 2019 Pearl Pink, Sunflower Yellow, Fuchsia Pink, Mint, Midnight

The new FOREO LUNA Mini 3 retails at SGD235. More details here.