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The “morning rush” doesn’t just apply to traffic – most of us are familiar with the daily run from bed to bathroom to vanity table just to make yourself presentable but also punctual for work.

Foundations in general tend to be really tricky, because if you don’t take the time to set it properly, you could be dealing with a melting face of makeup after the blazing hot lunch hour.

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That’s why we were blown away when we found out about this new launch: a liquid foundation that sets itself within 15 seconds?! Tell us more!

This foundation turns into powder

Applying foundation is already time-consuming on its own, but we’re sure most of us can agree that setting it is just as big of a pain.

Whether you choose to use setting powder or setting spray, having to take the time out to set your makeup, or even just remembering to do it at all. This new foundation removes all that hassle for you because it sets itself.

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The new KATE Powdery Skin Maker from Kate Tokyo is a liquid foundation that turns itself into a powdery formulation in 15 seconds!

You may be thinking: does that mean the foundation formula will be thick and provide too heavy a coverage for Singaporean women? Nope, here’s where Kate Tokyo has you beat.

Despite the “powderising” formula, KATE Powdery Skin Maker also boasts a lightweight texture that provides adequate coverage without being overly heavy on the skin. It brightens your skin tone too!

The foundation literally turns into an oil-free, matte texture on your skin. You’re getting the best of both worlds here: the ease of application of a liquid foundation, and the superior oil-controlling properties of a powder one.

You don’t have time to wait for makeup to dry

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A liquid foundation turning into powder is all well and good, but the whole point here is finding a foundation that gets the job done fast.

The KATE Powdery Skin Maker, in fact, takes only 15 seconds to turn from a liquid formula to powder! The initial liquid texture adheres to the skin for good coverage and creates an even veil. The oil in the foundation then vaporises quickly after coming into contact with skin, turning into a matte texture within 15 seconds. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself!

Our favourite way of applying this foundation is to do it first thing after applying your primer or makeup base, and letting it automatically turn into a powder as you do your eye makeup.

DV Tip: Doing your eye makeup before putting on any further face makeup will make it a much simpler process for you to clean away any mistakes.

It’s already been tried and tested

In this video posted by Kate Korea’s Instagram, we can see KATE Powdery Skin Maker being tested for five things: texture, coverage, speed of setting, stickiness, and shade range.

It passes all the tests, but we were particularly stunned when the tester stuck the phone screen to a patch of foundation that has been left to set for 15 seconds, and there were no smudges and no transfer!

A foundation that sets quickly and effectively? Yes, please.

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KATE Powdery Skin Maker is available in six shades for SGD34 each at Don Don Donki, Welcia-BHG, Lazada, and selected Sasa and Watsons stores.

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